Continuing Education

Holistic learning and training doesn't stop once you get your diplomas

MICH offers Continuing Education to you once you graduate. Keep access to all your program resources & materials, and benefit from the knowledge acquired by the MICH Faculty who attends premium conferences every year.

Are you a recent graduate?

What’s Included in each “CE” Membership

Your homeopathic resources in one place

One link provides you the portal to all the info you need - all online.

Stay Inspired, grow your practice and mastery

Exclusive access to new webinars, up-to-date information, and the latest developments in holistic medicine & therapy.

Expand your client base

Get visibility & referrals by promoting yourself on

Full Access

Keep your access to all your MICH reference and course materials – all searchable!

Everything, including the whole MICH community, accessible through one link

We have provided you a hub from where you can access everything – courses, searchable references & resources, CE Forum, group email, announcements... everything!

  • You get access to everything – old, new and exciting – all in one place.
  • Access from anywhere on the globe with internet
  • Access from your favourite device
  • Download content for your own personal use
  • Leverage Google Drive’s search capabilities and find what you are looking for

Be privy to on-going leading-edge professional development

The MICH team attends all the leading-edge innovative conferences in homeopathy and keeps abreast of everything happening worldwide. we share it all with CE members.

As a beginner, going to conferences is very costly, and very confusing. It takes many years of experience to recognize what is essential and how new developments fit into the broad, and always growing MICH container, and how they can be adapted to our way of working. By keeping close to MICH, we not only bring you any and all new breakthroughs, but we adapt them to your way of taking cases and working, so that new approaches are INTEGRATED into your approach, not added as something separate or requiring you work a different way. Basically, for less than 1/10th the cost of going to just ONE conference, you have access to ALL the pertinent innovations in homeopathy, as well as recent provings and discoveries worldwide.

  • Just by being a CE member, you immediately earn the continuing education credits required for all professional associations and colleges – all included in the cost of your MICH CE membership!
  • Be inspired and empowered with greater mastery in the art of homeopathy with new topics shared every month.
  • Challenge yourself with innovative techniques, and keep up with our most recent research and takeaways from international conferences and new provings and discoveries
  • Take advantage of exclusive opportunities to have LIVE case supervision and case observation in an online supervised clinical setting.

Expand Your Client Base

Continuing Education now includes membership to MICPA - MICH's professional association. in addition to gaining access to the always-in-development continuing education website, you can:

  • Get visibility by having your bio, contact information, email, training and areas of specialization on’s Professional Directory page.  This page is in the top 10 pages that are visited on the MICH site!  It is easily found by search engines as a holistic health, homeopathy, and naturopathy professional. Take advantage of MICH’s good Google ranking! We’ll also announce your practice is open on our social media.
  • Priority on all referrals – get referrals from the team and your colleagues on all referrals coming through our office or website inquiries. By joining MICHPA you have priority on all referrals coming through our office or website inquiries. We also post new inquiries for appointments In the CE classroom. 
  • Use of the MICHPA logo on your website, business card and other promo materials
  • We will share your cases and testimonials and bump up your visibility even more – on search engines (sending us a testimonial provides another ‘reference’ for those search engines so feel free to send us your endorsement for the student testimonials page)
  • Access to one-on-one business mentorship sessions at reduced rates to help support you as you start, grow or if you struggling to build up a practice.

Full and continued access to your MICH training, courses and reference documents

To ensure your success in your cases, get continued access to all your current mich resources and all new resources. get the most up to date information from homeopathic provings and conferences from around the world synthesized into complete new materia medica documents organized by kingdoms and sub-kingdoms.

  • Fascinating webinars such as those on Lyme Disease, Microbiome, the Power of Holistic practice that bring new dimensions and opportunities to your practice
    Foundations of Holistic Practice Case Taking resources and Holistic exercises – Keep in touch with MICH’s innovative case taking and analysis techniques, access key Holistic
  • Therapeutics resources that you can use or share with your clients.
  • Access to all current and new Materia Medica materials. The MICH Materia Media documentation and audiovisual presentations span across mineral, plant and animal kingdoms and are updated all the time.
  • Easy access to many new homeopathic protocols, therapeutics and resources.

+ Exclusive Reduced Rates

Get access to exclusive reduced rates for one-on-one sessions and special subject webinars to support your professional, personal and business needs.

Continuing Education members can book reduced rate one-on-one sessions with any MICH team member for:

  • Case supervision
  • Noumedynamics
  • Therapeutic Relationships
  • Building your practice
  • Homeopathic consultations
  • Any other topic where you feel you want support!

Congratulations on graduating!

Continue your journey with the MICH Community, get ongoing training & visibility for your practice

Annual membership only $75*​

*Special price exclusive to recent MICH graduates.

MICH supports all graduates as they build their professional practice.

Another reason to consider MICH as a part of your journey to a new career in Holistic Health

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