Homeopathy Diploma Program

The Homeopathy Diploma Program
(also known as the MICH Diploma Program)
is a Self Paced & Mentored Program

Professional Training with THREE Diplomas
Become a Fully Accredited Homeopath, Naturopath, and Holistic Health Practitioner

Gain the confidence and expertise that can only come from studying with those who have mastered their craft and have the experience to bring out the best in others. The MICH 3-diploma program can be completed at your own pace and incorporates many holistic and innovative ways of learning.

Our flexible, modular, multi-format structure lets you design your personal program and set your own pace within a study schedule you create with a faculty member.

Experiential training, one-on-one facilitation, group online meetings and exercises, multimedia presentations, and clinical supervision provide an engaging, motivating, and enjoyable learning environment.

MICH training accommodates many different ways of learning by including one-on-one personalized facilitation, on-line quizzes, downloadable digital audio recordings, videos, and audio-visual multi-media presentations, interactive webinars as well as live clinical supervised training – to name just a few.

Homeopathy Diploma Program Overview per Level



  • Applied (Noumedynamic) Holistic Health
  • First Aid Homeopathy
  • Holistic Nutrition Basics
  • Noumedynamic Dialogue
  • History of Medicine and Homeopathy
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Research in Homeopathy
  • Discover Holism
  • Foundation Level Mentorship Component
  • Foundation Level Clinical Practicum


  • Foundations of Holistic Practice L1
  • Materia Medica and Pharmacopeia L1
  • Homeopathic Principles, Practice Methodology L1
  • Level One Mentorship Component
  • Level One Clinical Practicum


  • Foundations of Holistic Practice Level Two
  • Materia Medica and Pharmacopeia Level Two
  • Homeopathic Principles, Practice Methodology Level Two
  • Pharmacology and Pathology
  • Tissue Salts and Oligosols
  • Level Two Mentorship Component
  • Level Two Clinical Practicum


  • Foundations of Holistic Practice Level Three
  • Materia Medica and Pharmacopeia Level Three
  • Applied Principles and Practice Methodology
  • Clinical Internship
  • Client and Case Management Skills
  • Business Strategies and Marketing
  • Deontology: Ethics and Jurisprudence
  • Naturopathic Supports and Nutrition in Homeopathic Practice (Case Management)
  • Clinical Intern Case Submission (55 cases)
  • Level Three Mentorship Component
  • Level Three Clinical Practicum

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Get Mentored by practicing Homeopaths

Homeopathy diploma program

Mentorship with experienced, competent practitioners ensures that you are guided and supported in your learning journey with us. One on one facilitation in real life situations fosters your natural talents and unique skills, and gives you the confidence to practice your new vocation.

Throughout your training, you’ll learn from a team of talented and experienced facilitators and teachers, and be accompanied and facilitated throughout your explorations to gain the integration necessary for competency as a homeopath and holistic therapist. Our founder, Judyann McNamara, has over 25 years of practice to which she brings insights that come from her background in quantum physics, quantum biology, transpersonal psychology and Holism, and you will personally experience the effectiveness of the MICH approach in both live and videotaped cases from the MICH clinic.

Popular Questions


Our school is open to everyone. No specific prior experience or training is required to enroll. Everything you need to be fully qualified and accredited is included in the program. However you must meet with a MICH staff member after you fill out the application form to ensure that the MICH program is right for you.

No. We have trained people from every type of background to become fully accredited Holistic Therapists with Diplomas in Homeopathy and Naturopathy.  Our program includes all the necessary courses in the health sciences to be competent, respected and professionally accredited. Perhaps more importantly, is that our health science courses have been specifically designed for Holistic Health Practice.

Once you have successfully completed your studies, you are awarded an internationally recognized Diploma in Homeopathy, an accredited Diploma in Naturopathy, as well as a Diploma of Holistic Practice which attests to the graduate’s ability to apply work holistically.  Membership to a governing body or association may be automatic, or may require an application process.  See our accreditation page for more information. 

Yes you can. Our program is specifically designed to accommodate working people with families and a full time work schedule. A full-time working person would typically require four years to complete the program (at a rate of 2-6 hours per week). Whereas someone with less demands on their time, can complete the program in 2 years. You set your pace according to your lifestyle needs.

In addition, the program is optimized for adult learning. Rather than have you read a stack of textbooks, as you would in university, all the critical learning you need for your practice has been distilled into a succinct, searchable compendiums of hundreds of references and books, so you get the most out of your study time.

The program is designed so that you can go at your own pace. We meet with you and create a step by step personally customized study schedule.  The duration of the program really depends on how much time you have available, and your own individual learning speed. Depending on your circumstances, completing the program can take anywhere between 18 months to between 4 and 5 years. We can help you determine whether you can complete the program in less time or not. 

If you have any questions, or just want to explore your options within an exciting and meaningful career, please contact us.  

Right after you apply and have your interview! Get started now, even if you only have a couple of hours per week to spare, you can start the program.

Yes, the pillar of MICH practice is the quantum level “core” unicist remedy: the homeopathic simillimum that addresses all dimensions of well being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, adaptability and vitality), and the root cause of disease within the individual as a whole. However, unlike other schools that teach a mere 50-150 remedies within the unicist (single remedy per case) approach, the MICH team of homeopaths have developed an extensive and integrated system of case taking and case analysis that enables MICH homeopaths to understand, access and apply thousands of remedies in a unicist context, making your intervention much more individualized, and therefore much more efficient and effective.

This single, effective method is built on a comprehensive integration of the wisdom of the old masters with the most recent provings from leading homeopaths from around the world.

MICH holds a comprehensive system of understanding that evolves with experience and research and is not held back by theories, prejudices or beliefs. In our clinic and numerous dispensaries in Honduras, we have observed first hand, the benefits of supporting the central similimum in deep chronic cases with well chosen, individually designed complexes for specific organs, functions and reversing of the effects of disease and medical interventions, and understand when they could be of added benefit to the healing process.

Yes, the MICH Method is founded in the “classical” writings of homoeopathy including the Organon of the Healing Arts, The Chronic Diseases, and the Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann which provide the philosophy and methodologies of homeopathic practice explained in the two levels of the course called “Homeopathic Principles of Practice and Methodology”.

This established classical system is associated with certain maxims that express its core values. The four cardinal aphorisms of classical unicist Homoeopathy are Similars Cure Similars, the single remedy, the minimum dose and the application of the potentized remedy. These cardinal principles are then applied in a number of ways that can be tailored to suit each individual case.

Click here for more information about homeopathy.

What MICH offers is a way of understanding many of the more challenging aspects of homeopathy essential to understanding disease and finding a similimum to work deeply to incite multi-dimensional life-altering effects.

MICH has developed and elaborated leading-edge therapeutic approaches based on trans-disciplinary research to optimize the effectiveness of homeopathy and naturopathic therapeutic intervention.

At MICH, you learn both the art and the science of the best researched, most used, and most individualized form of Western medicine that addresses, as Hahnemann said, the “immaterial” cause of disease.

Embark on the fulfilling, meaningful career you always wanted to have.

Study at your own pace with a schedule and a format that lets you manage the demands of modern life and with course material designed for adult learning that encourages balance and deeper reflection.

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