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Judyann McNamara
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Welcome to a small sample of our multidimensional program.

We’ve tried to collect all of the information for prospective students in one place: to answer your questions about whether we’re the right school for you and to give you a sample student experience. 

Feel free to navigate through everything in the menu – you’ll find course samples as well as videos that we feel are important to students to watch. We’re excited you’re thinking about embarking on this journey with us and are available to answer any questions you might have in a holistic advisory or admissions interview.

Essential MICH Downloads


The roadmap to becoming a holistic practitioner. Includes an aptitude and a complete syllabus of our Diploma Program.


Details about enrollment options for our full diploma program, plus tuition costs and payment plans for each Level.


The syllabus details course descriptions as well as course credits throughout the diploma program.

Certificate Brochure

The certificate brochure includes details about our unique Certificate Training program syllabus and enrollment.

Free Course Samples

Access some of our courses


History of Medicine & Homeopathy

Medicine is an art and a science with a long and fascinating history dating back to the Ancient Egyptian Dynasties, early Chinese and Indian civilizations, and, in the west, to the ancient Greeks.

These ancient civilizations possessed means that allowed them to discover, and precisely trace the meridian system, for example, with its thousands of nadis or acupuncture points. 


First Aid

First Aid Homeopathy is the first homeopathic course you will take in your first Level of the MICH Diploma program.

In this course you will learn the difference between acute and chronic conditions and, at the end of the course, will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to treat typical first-aid cases. 


holistic Practice

Noumedynamic Health

Noumedynamic Health elucidates the revolutionary approach to health developed at MICH. 

It is an approach that reveals the meaning of disease as the dynamic partner of health. It explores what constitutes a truly curative process within a Holistic context. The purpose of healing is not to return to how you were before, but to bring you to a new level of existence, to start anew. 

Enrollment & Getting Started

Studying at MICH is more than reading information and doing quizzes – it is a guided, mentored and fully integrated holistic experience. The application process consists of meeting with an advisor in a meeting to explore your goals and what you’re looking for in a school.

Once you’ve decided to get started and we receive confirmation of tuition payment, you’ll receive a welcome email from the admissions team providing you with access to your first course as well as instructions on how to set up your student account and how to book your first mentorship to set up your personalized study schedule.

The whole admissions process can be as quick as a few days, or you can take your time to decide but if more than 6 months has passed since you’ve met with an advisor you’ll need to re-apply.

Essential Videos and Conferences


Holistic Practice
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Developing yourself as a holistic practitioner at MICH includes a journey of self awareness and discovery that will help you to guide others on their path. This journey will bring you through, and beyond concepts of dualistic and mechanistic thinking into a greater understanding of the world and your role in it. Being able to move through your own paradigm shifts prepares you to work with others in a profound way.


What is homeopathy video
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MICH's extensive and integrated system enables MICH trained homeopaths to understand, access and apply a broad spectrum of remedies that ensures truly individualized treatment, and optimizes the innate healing response across all levels of their being: mind, body and soul. Match an individual's unique state to one of over 5,000 remedies found in nature using the most advanced system of Homeopathy ever developed.


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In support of treating innate healing response for each client, you will learn how to support their body on all dimensions and in all stages of it's return to health within an integrated holistic approach specifically customized for the unique needs of each individual. Through our profound understanding of individual needs, we are able to design the most effective strategies to support the healing process using Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbology and natural intervention.


Integrative Medicine is the recent attempt to bring back the missing branches of western medicine. Click the video below for more info.

3 branches of medicine
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The true origin and meaning of "Holistic" in medicine and what makes practice "Holistic". Click the video below for more info.

Holistic Medicine
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The Human Microcosm

Step 1: Guided Tour of the Diploma Program and Levels

This short video takes you through all the aspects of the program, including what and how you will be studying at MICH. Watch till the end to learn one of the secrets to being a great holistic practitioner.

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Levels - Foundational Principles to Professional Practice

Our Diploma program is designed to bring you through a journey of learning in real-life situations – each level builds upon the previous to promote a a deep understanding and to equip you with the experience you need to launch your own practice.


Getting the basics

Learn the basic training in holistic health and shifting the paradigm of understanding of health and disease

Level One

learning essential skills

Learn the essential skills required for naturopathy, homeopathy and holistic practice.

Level Two

applying the skills

Apply learned techniques and expand upon essential skills learned in Level One.

Level Three


Essential skills and techniques are honed and practiced under direct supervision of seasoned practitioners.

Step 2: Meet with an advisor

In this meeting we can answer any questions you might have about duration, cost, accreditation, etc..  Although applying is required in order to access enrollment and tuition payment links, you can meet with an advisor before you apply. 

Step 3: Choose your enrollment option and complete tuition payment

Initial enrollment can be for only Foundation Level or Foundation and Level One together.  Significant savings and tuition tax credits are some advantages for enrolling in both of the first levels together.

Foundation Level:
$580 monthly for 7 months or $3540 single payment

Foundation and Level One:
$395 monthly for 24 months or $8000 single payment

*Please note that all tuition costs are in CAD and that there is a significant advantage for students making payments in USD (up to 30-40% less)

See the program brochure for detailed tuition costs for all levels.

MICH: A Full Clinical Experience

Case taking cannot be learned from a book. It is not about information. Case taking must be learned through a step-by-step process, with time to integrate each step which is why you begin your practice in your Foundation Level and continue through to your clinical internship in Level Three.

The individualizing examination of a disease case demands nothing from the medical art practitioner except freedom from bias, healthy senses, attention while observing, and fidelity in recording the image of the disease... determining what is unique in every individual case.
SAMUEL HAHNEMANN, Founder of Homeopathy

Case taking at MICH is taught experientially, with live one-on-one supervision as well as group practice.

The clinic experience is fully mentored and brings you, as an intern, through the whole process of witnessing, focusing, prescription and follow-up. It is an immersive and real-life experience where you hone and put into practice your acquired skills.

By the time you graduate, you will have been exposed to a wide spectrum of case situations. You will have personal diagnostic, in-depth experience in over 55 cases, and are supported through all the case taking phases by an experienced supervisor.

The MICH program can be considered a Master’s level program because it goes beyond what other schools have in their curriculum. MICH incorporates advanced training derived from the latest conferences to provide you with everything you need to be a leading-edge, successful practitioner, as well as continued access to seasoned practitioners for help with the management of difficult chronic cases.

MICH is unique in the quality and quantity of support after you graduate.

Find out more about what our graduates appreciate about Continuing Education at MICH

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