Lise Lareau


“For many years, I have been in the process of ‘curing’ my fear of flying. In the hopes that you enjoy true stories, I will tell you this one! It all started several years ago. I had to fly to get to Rouyn-Noranda (a short trip) and I started to feel bad. I became so stressed that I lost my sight for several seconds….just enough to give me an urgent need to escape, and to associate this feeling with flying. The second the plane touched down I felt relieved.

“Subsequently, I literally fled air travel. I worked many years on the Côté-Nord and exclusively travelled by car to Montreal. So many hours I wore myself out driving on difficult roads that often became icy in winter. I also missed certain important family events…hiding the true reasons.

“Over the course of those years, I also passed up all the great trips that were offered to me. When I had to fly to work further north, I lived in terrible anxiety during the days preceding my trip.

“When I came to the metropolitan area, I managed to expand this anxiety to the majority of transport options (train, bus, and sometimes when I was traveling with someone else). Even when I was traveling alone in my car, I did not like bridges, tunnels and highways like the Decarie.

“It was hell! And what lies I told and humiliation hiding ‘MY GIANT PROBLEM’.

“I decided to take charge of the situation because I had had enough.

“First I forced myself to take bridges, tunnels, trains etc. I managed to do that by telling myself ‘It’s not a plane!’ Then I tried NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques under the guidance of various professionals. It didn’t change the problem but my desire to fix it continued to grow stronger. Next, I tried an airline’s desensitization program for fear of flying. This method helped me considerably and I was able to fly short distances like Montreal to Toronto. Still, the two-week anxiety that preceded the trips persisted, and I would even say it intensified. I returned to NLP, this time with another group. It helped me, but it didn’t fix the problem. I wasn’t cancelling trips, but I continued to avoid them. I focused on learning the thoughts and beliefs of people that were capable of relaxing on planes. That helped and I succeeded in going on a pretty long trip with a friend. Next I tried hypnosis. I’m not certain if that had any impact. I tried a technique called eye-movement integration, used for people who have been traumatized. Having been trained in the method, I worked on ‘my problem’ with a colleague several times and finally had encouraging results. I found ways to ‘support’ the plane trip so that I could take it when necessary. That was pretty good depending on various factors such as the person who accompanied me, the length of the trip, entertainment, where I sat in the plane, etc. But the days before the trip continued to be difficult and anxious. I couldn’t envision trying a long flight or traveling overseas!!!

“In March of 2011, I met my MICH Homeopath. I told her of my great difficulties. To my surprise she told me she could help me. Together we identified what terrified me and the remedy that could take care of that. As I was scheduled to fly to Colorado several days later, she gave me a remedy to take on departure and on return.

“What a surprise! Not only did I have a magnificent voyage without anxiety during the days preceding or onboard the plane, but I adored the trip and started looking for occasions to take more trips! I even took an overseas trip this summer.

“Total victory!

“I can never thank homeopathy enough for having allowed me this permanent healing. It is hard to explain how this victory has expanded my life! It’s a dream come true.”

– Lise Lareau, Pierrefonds, QC, 2011

Lise Lareau

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