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Having trouble losing that extra weight from the holidays?  You might be overlooking the most important element of your metabolism: the signals sent to your body by the food you eat. Living Signal -FB post (1) We know that a Homeopathic remedy is a signal. But, so is your food, your environment, and every thought, color, sound, sensation, smell and taste that you experience. We often think of eating as ingesting “stuff”: material substances that we measure in weight and calories, and that we analyze according to proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. But what about the signals in your food?

Signals tell your body what to do

The signals in the molecules of your food tell your body to store, eliminate or assimilate those molecules according to the signal they carry. All bodily functions are co-ordinated by signals: signals picked up by your mitochondria in every one of your cells. Deep inside every cell, the mitochondria determine everything that happens and will happen in the cell: cell differentiation, cell division, cell death, what you assimilate, what you burn as energy, or keep as fat, how you respond to stress and stimuli, whether you have energy to move or not, how quickly your neurons will respond to information, stored memory and integration, and when or whether you will experience symptoms and chronic disease. (Read more) Initially, scientists thought that signalling was only through the brain and nervous system. Then came the revelation of the importance of hormones and other biochemicals. Up until very recently, researchers thought that signalling was primarily “chemical”.

Smell and metabolism are not lock and key chemical reactions

It’s not about what atoms are in the molecule, it is about another, immaterial dimension of those atoms and molecules: a dimension that has to do with how they were formed. The simplest illustration of the importance of immaterial dimension (quantum level) signals is one where researchers were exploring the sense of smell. You can only smell something if molecules of that substance come into contact with your nose. Smell was thought to be a lock and key chemical reaction: that the molecule coming from the substance we are smelling would have to fit the right sensor in our nose like a key in a lock, for our sensors to recognize that particular smell, and then the brain to match it with smells from past experiences.

Quantum Smell

96cace33-6812-46db-a459-36b76537984bDr. Luca Turin knew of an organic molecule with carbon that had a fresh sharp fruity smell like a fine New Zealand Sauvignon blanc, but also knew that if they replaced the carbon atom by a silicon atom, it would smell like rotten eggs. Yet, these molecules are chemically identical! In chemical reactions, they can replace each other. There is no chemical mechanism, no type of chemical analysis that can distinguish between them. So they used fruit flies, whose sense of smell is phenomenal, to see if they could tell the difference. And, they could. What he and other researchers have discovered is that it is not just the chemical components of the molecule that determine its smell, or its interaction with smell sensors, but it is the rate of vibration of the molecule. The rate of vibration of the molecule with Silica happens to be similar in frequency to the rate of vibration of a Sulfur atom, and Sulfur smells like rotten eggs. So, it is the vibrational frequency of the molecule determines smell. There is no chemical mechanism which will allow us to distinguish between vibrational frequencies, the only kind of mechanisms that allow us to distinguish them are on a quantum level, in living organisms. Because, to the living organism, that vibration is an intelligent signal that means something to a living organism.

Living vs Chemical

quantum signalThe difference between living organisms and experiments in a laboratory is the sensitivity to the quantum level vibration. The quantum level vibration determines how living organisms respond to molecules. The quantum level vibration is different according to how that molecule was produced. A molecule of Calcium produced in a pharmaceutical laboratory can be chemically identical to one produced in nature, but it will be very different vibrationally and carry a very different signal. That difference in signal could result in the molecules of a chemical calcium supplement being stored in your joints, making them stiff, and even causing arthritis, rather than be assimilated into your bones.

Living Light

Food is “living light” bringing formative information and an energy stimulus to your life force. Living Signal -FB post (1)Plants capture the energy of sunlight in their chloroplasts imbuing it with their own vibration, and this vital vibrational signal is received by our mitochondria. (For more, see Holistic Nutrition Basics). Furthermore, plants condense vital signals into their seeds. The seed, as well as the sprout hold all the information necessary to form all the elements of the entire plant. That is why they are such a fabulous source of life enhancing vital energy signals. All life on earth is dependent on plants to provide food and the special energy signals crucial for the creation and maintenance of living organisms.

How is your food produced?

Anything you ingest that is chemically created (a lot of the artificial “diet” sweeteners as an example) will have effects on your body that cannot be determined in a lab. Artificial or chemically produced additives affect how the bacteria in your body digest your food. Bacteria pick up signals, too! The balance of bacterial cultures is very delicate, it varies and adjusts according to the demands of your environment, when and what you eat, and especially your mental and emotional state. When you eat, what you eat, and how it was produced are just some of the factors that influence how the signal is received and will be interpreted by your body, thus the vital difference between biodynamically grown and commercially grown food.

The Same Principle Behind Homeopathy

Homeopathy works on this subtle level of signalling, the water in which the remedy has been diluted contains the signal of the original substance. At MICH, we learn how to use the almost 5000 available homeopathic “signals” to send positive, life enhancing messages to the body. It is fascinating to work on this subtle level of life, and gain direct experience with the immaterial dimension that informs and forms all living creatures.

This week’s e-Training Exercise – Boost your energy and vitality

Take into consideration what you eat and when, the mental and emotional state you are in when you are eating, and take an exceptionally close look at what is in the ingredients of prepared foods. Stay away from anything with HFCS, High Fructose Corn Syrup, found in dangerously high amounts in cereals and energy or health bars. The chemical treatment involved in isolating what once was a natural sugar from fruit changes the signalling.

unnamedBoost your energy, and vitality without extra calories

There’s nothing like a good old apple. Want a boost of vital energy without calories? This drink will actually help your body function optimally, which usually means burn fat. The best pick me up AND cleanser is a drink made with one organically grown green or red apple, 1 cup sunflower seed sprouts, and 1 cup of spring water blended until smooth. The sprouts are the magic ingredient, bringing you vital signals that tonify and rejuvenate your cells. You can add some ginger or lemon to vary the taste. Keep all ingredients in the fridge. Best had around 11 am or early afternoon: experience the difference LIVE FOOD signals make in your life. If you enjoyed this post, sign up for our free e-training, or one of our online courses. We offer mini online courses on everything from Holistic Nutrition Basics (like what is in this article), Anatomy and Physiology from a Holistic perspective, and Homeopathy, to Holism and the relationship of health to subtle and immaterial dimensions. Click here to see our current offerings.
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Judyann McNamara – ND, DHom, CCH
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