Looking Forward to Life Again – A Case of Depression

Looking Forward to Life Again – A Case of Depression

This case illustrates homeopathy’s effectiveness in dealing with chronic illness, including depression.  A 27-year-old male came with long-standing depression and anxiety.  He had been been experiencing this on and off for the past ten years and severely in the past three years.  A creative graphic designer who used to have a passion for art, he was continually experiencing no passion, drive nor inspiration, and struggling with thoughts of suicide.

Homeopathic Intervention

Having tried various conventional options previously with little amelioration, the MICH homeopathic process was well-suited as a complementary approach which deeply explores an individual’s inner experience, bringing to light the source of inner conflict and matching this to a homeopathic remedy.

In defining his perception of various life events, discussing the meaning that was derived from these experiences and together understanding how they shaped his worldview, a clear picture of dis-ease that the homeopathic approach can facilitate emerged.   Thus, having come to a central understanding together, he was encouraged in the homeopathic approach and the MICH therapeutic process. A similimum homepathic remedy was chosen and commenced.

After Homeopathic Intervention

At his first follow-up appointment he reported, that “everything is going good.  I am feeling much more calm”.  He had some new graphic design contacts that he was excited about.  “I am more busy now and looking forward to things again.  My mind state is much more positive.  I feel like I took a full 180-degree turn.  I’m at ease.  I’m not struggling inside and I’m able to deal with the now”.

“Before I was panicked about my career and money.  I would feel suicidal cause I couldn’t see the point of it all.  My mind was always racing.  I was looking for the exit, and it was as if there was only one”.

He continued to do well in the coming months, and consults for preventative health, ongoing self-exploration and personal development.

Client Testimonial

“Completely new to holistic medicine, I was very impressed by the whole practice. The extra time taken to fully understand my unique and individual situation and needs made all the difference.  The openness you feel throughout really allows you to be true to yourself and helps you understand your situation as much as it does the practitioner. I strongly feel this experience has and will continue to guide me through ongoing progressive healing.”

JO, male, 27 years, Montreal

Adam Fiore ND, D.Hom

Adam is a certified Homeopath and Naturopath, having completed his training at MICH, with additional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Visit his website at www.adamfiorehomeopathy.com or read more posts by Adam.

Looking Forward to Life Again – A Case of Depression

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