Introduction to Noumedynamic Awareness


Deeply ingrained patterns inhibiting mindful expansion continue to challenge our collective.  This demonstrates how tightly the human mind is tethered to limbic responses of fear and striving, severely limiting access to higher/deeper dimensions.

An important part of the MICH experience is opening dimensions of perception, in particular, the one associated with the “Spiritual” Dimension of mind. We sometimes hesitate to use the term “spiritual” as it sometimes seems to cause the loss of the humility necessary to access this dimension. Perhaps by calling it the “Implicate, Archetypal or Contemplative” dimension, it will be easier for us to stay close to the ultimate ground of existence to which that dimension really refers.

Through it, we perceive the deeper, soul dimensions of ourselves and everyone in our lives. This understanding can be useful in any therapeutic setting, in personal contemplation and in any relationship. It helps us use homeopathy as an instrument of awakening to higher consciousness; knowing that healing involves a multidimensional return to wholeness for all of humanity, for all of life, and the entire planet.

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