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November 22, 2017 Open House Webinar

The Heart of Life

Summer Webinar Series on Holism

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start your Holistic Practice

There’s Something Missing in Current Medical Practice


MICH Open House Workshop: Dancing with Duality


MICH Open House Workshop: Where Mystery Meets Matter

June Workshop


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Susceptibilité, maladie et guérison homéopathique : Un modèle homéopathique nouveau et scientifique“: Atelier SPHQ avec Judyann McNamara

Présentation pour le Syndicat professionnel des homéopathes du Québec le 1er mai 2015

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“Le Fondement quantique de la vie”: Conférence SPHQ avec Judyann McNamara

Présentation pour le Syndicat professionnel des homéopathes du Québec le 21 avril 2012

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Holistic Understanding for the 21st Century – Public Lecture Series

Sit back and watch some interesting videos all about MICH, Holistic Medicine, and Homeopathy in general. Filmed in the MICH classroom, this Four-Part Public Lecture Series was given in 2011-2012. Each lecture is about an hour long and includes exciting new research supporting the quantum principles through which homeopathy can be understood.

Part 1 - What Makes Homeopathy a Quantum Medicine

Part 1: “What Makes Homeopathy a Quantum Medicine?”

Even within the current Western materialistic metaphysics, the basic processes of life cannot be considered as solely chemical or mechanical processes, but rather as quantum field effects. These recent developments in western science help us to understand Hahnemann’s references to magnetic and gravitational fields. He makes analogies between these field effects in an effort to explain the action of a homeopathic remedy (even though the word “field” did not exist at his time, and the physics of his time had no explanation for the field effects that were observed in the tides and with magnets). The conference then explores another aspect of modern physics that helps explain the curative action of a remedy. Quantum physics considers matter as information, and the universe as a hologram. Similarly, the homeopathic remedy, representing a particular plant, mineral or animal expression of the universal hologram, “informs” the organism in such a way that leads to greater wholeness, which is greater health.

Quantum physics also maintains that the universe functions through synchronicity rather than cause and effect. Similarly, it has been observed that the occurrence of chronic, and even acute disease cannot be attributed to a single direct cause (direct cause-effect). Yet, the circumstances surrounding the occurrence of disease often hold a key to the nature of the challenge to the organism. Paying attention to this type of synchronicity helps us recognize the specific susceptibility in individuals via the circumstances where the organism has had difficulty adapting.

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Part 2 - Homeopathy: The Medicine of the Third Millenium

This talk explains how mainstream chemical-mechanical or surgrical and pharmaceutially based medicine is currently attempting to achieve an integrative, whole person approach. Whereas Homeopathy, which has its roots in western medicine, has always been a holistic medicine: addressing the individual as a whole. The homeopathic Materia Medica is filled with body-mind correlations derived from homeopathic clinical trials called provings. These provings are double blind, scientific and have been conducted by medically trained homeopaths around the world for almost 200 years.

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Part 3 - Exploring the Leading Edge of Holistic Medicine

Part 3: “Exploring the Leading Edge of Holistic Medicine”

MICH founder Judyann McNamara (ND, DHom) will share the latest discoveries in medical psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune (PNEI) research which indicates that there is a deeper level of mind-body organization directing living organisms. This fascinating and newly understood dimension of biological organization confirms the clinical observations made by medical homeopaths for over 200 years. This conference is a MUST for anyone interested in the leading edge of medicine and medical treatment, and especially for anyone considering a professional career in holistic medicine.

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Part 4 - Information Session: Join us on the Journey

Part 4: “Information Session: Join Us on the Journey”

In this lecture, Judyann McNamara will explain how the MICH Method takes full advantage of the unique power of homeopathy to address the organism as a whole. This development is perfectly timed with recent research confirming that chronic disease is “systemic” and that a “whole organism” or “integrative” approach is absolutely necessary to address chronic disease holistically.

The MICH Method is a procedure of inquiry and exploration between a homeopath and a client, with clearly defined stages whereby the single, unique picture of what needs to be addressed in a person is discovered. The goal of the method is to completely individualize the homeopathic anamnesis, diagnostic, treatment, and prognostic, and assure that they are at the same dynamic level on which the homeopathic potentized medicine acts.

Learn how, in the distinctive study of homeopathy taught at MICH, homeopathy comes alive with quantum physics and holism. Our students learn how to think, interact and listen holistically in an experiential setting where integration happens through multi-media presentations, live cases, inquiry exercises, and dialogues.

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