~Mitochondria and the Life Force~


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Quantum Biology – A Fascinating Dimension of Life

This webinar presents a unique and groundbreaking look at the very latest discoveries in mitochondrial research.  This research reveals exciting evidence of the subtle energy level of life organization and promises to rock our materialistic view of the body and health. Whether you are a health professional, someone interested in the quantum dimension of living organisms or simply interested in alternative views on health, this webinar will open new doors of understanding.

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Soul Health (Holism & Well-being)

Quantum Biology: The New Frontier

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Mitochondrial & Field Research

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The Noumedynamic Human-A New Holistic Medical Model

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Webinar 2

Homeopathy: Your Gateway to Health in the 3rd Millennium

“The third millennium is ripe for homeopathy”, says McNamara. “Much more than eliminating symptoms, homeopathy stimulates a complete, whole-being response to emotional, physical, and mental challenges. The organism is stimulated to use its own resources to achieve a new homeostasis, a new level of well-being, without the crutch and inherent side effects of drugs.” Find out how you can benefit from the full potential of homeopathy – and a new era in the homeopathic approach.

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Webinar 3

The Concept of the “Soul” or the “Vital Force”

This final webinar of the series presents the concept of the “soul” or the “vital force”, and its relationship to health, life and meaningfulness.  It is especially designed for those who wish to understand the deeper dimensions of life, health and well-being.  Together we will explore such questions as:

• What is the key to greater vitality?
• What is the relationship between meaningfulness and health?
• How can we re-kindle our flame, our passion for life and living?
• How can we use the ancient Platonic concept of “soul” to act as a doorway to understanding what it really means to be a human and access the deeper, non-material dimension of life?

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Webinar 3 Presentation pdf

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