MICH Free Public Talk Series 2011-2012: What would coming to MICH bring to your life?

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

4 pm to 6 pm

Free admission!

Central to being a healthy human is living a meaningful life, having a meaningful existence. Understanding the relationship of our clients to meaningfulness, their conscious or unconscious definition of meaning, is the central point of the therapeutic relationship, and in terms of homeopathy, of finding the most significant similimum. In order to understand someone else’s suffering, the homeopath must be in touch with meaning.

Learning to connect deeply, meaningfully – both to your self and to others: both professionally and personally, is what coming to MICH is about. We learn to discover the meaning of our lives, relationships, challenges, and sicknesses. Through the vehicle of homeopathy, we learn about humanity, its evolution and what homeopathy can do to push the envelope of consciousness. We learn about healing, health, the role of disease and the process of finding and fostering our individual expression. We learn about nature, especially the magic of its unlimited capacity to create unique expressions, and how each of these expressions lies waiting to help us, heal us, and bring us to greater wholeness. And we learn especially, about the infinite potential of spirit.

Via the inspiring context of holism and quantum physics, we explore the holomovement that drives the cosmos (and us!). We discover the universal hologram that each of us, and everything that exists, embodies. We experience, directly, the creative force towards greater wholes on which the whole process of evolution is based.

The only question is: “Are you ready to embark on the journey that will change your life?” Find out more by joining us on August 26th.

Four previous lectures can be viewed on the homepage of our website www.homeopathymontreal.com. You are invited to view these to better understand the context of this, the fifth lecture.

Please RSVP using one of the methods below:
514.486.2716 (Leave name, phone number, and email.)
[email protected]

John Molson Building
1450 Guy Street, Montreal (QC) H3G 2W1
Room MB.03.210

MICH Free Public Talk Series 2011-2012: What would coming to MICH bring to your life?
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