MICH Client Testimonial 2011


“My son suffered from a loss of appetite and from being underweight since he was three and a half years old, after he had the standard vaccine administered to children at that age – the dose of three vaccines in one. For ten years there was no diagnosis of a physical disorder ever detected by his pediatrician, and even taking vitamins and minerals, particularly iron, did nothing. Psychologically speaking he was worried about being underweight and his lack of growth bothered him. He thought that it would prevent him from succeeding in his life.

“The treatment he received from our MICH Homeopath helped him twofold: our son has been growing well and has put on more weight, and he also has confidence in the future.”

– MICH Client (Name withheld by request), Montreal, QC, 2011

MICH Client Testimonial 2011

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