My Experience of the MICH Clinic

My Experience of the MICH Clinic

The MICH Intern Clinic is a unique and amazing experience for all parties: the clients, the students and the teacher supervisors. The MICH Method of case taking and dialogue allows for a deep and profound experience for all present. The client has a whole team of homeopaths who are dedicated to their case and holding a space for profound exploration and understanding. The students themselves benefit greatly from being present in so many cases, and in listening to so many different and individualized experiences of life.  There is nothing more exciting as a student homeopath than being present to live cases, and witnessing individuals in their uniqueness.

As a student homeopath, I was excited and a little nervous, to participate in the Clinic and in my first live cases. The support of the group allowed me the confidence to just go with the flow and be with the client on his inner journey, knowing the others in the group were also listening, taking notes and holding the space so beautifully. Our client was able to express to us so beautifully his unique point of view, his challenges and his overall movement through life, helping us to understand him and select a suitable remedy for him.

In each of the cases I have been present in, either as a student or a teacher supervisor, the clients have reported that they had been listened to in ways that they had never been listened to before, and that they were able to understand something about themselves that was previously unseen.  My husband participated as a client, and shared with me that he was able to share things with the group that he had never spoken of before, even to me. He found it a very moving experience and with a remedy prescription his health condition also improved.

Last year, as a supervisor, I was able to observe the process both as a teacher, and as a more stepped back observer. The teaching that happens in the experience of live case taking is extremely constructive and applied, and that helps the students to really develop their case taking and dialogue abilities as they move forward in their learning and on their journey to becoming certified and independent homeopaths.

Being in the presence of so many clients, through this process and in my own practice, has left me in awe of the amazing human being, and in each person’s unique and beautiful experience and point of view in life. Even in suffering, each individual is trying to express something of the beauty of the universe, and each case is an amazing journey into a way of seeing the world that I have never seen before.

The practice of homeopathy allows for the client to explore and inquire within themselves, leading to understanding and insight, which in turn allows the homeopath to select a homeopathic remedy to help facilitate the continued journey for the person, addressing dis-ease on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and restoring health.

I am so excited to be a teacher supervisor once again at this year’s Clinic, and to witness both the clients and the students in their evolution through this process. If you would like to be a client at the clinic, or if you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact me directly at 514-486-2716 or email me at [email protected].

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Kate Hudson – BA, E-Ryt, ND

Kate is deeply passionate about the practice of homeopathy and it’s ability to bring awareness and clarity to her clients. She feels privileged to be invited into their inner experiences and enters into their worlds, with them, from a space of curiosity and exploration.  Visit her profile page in our professional directory to learn more.

My Experience of the MICH Clinic

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