New Hope for Borderline Personality

New Hope for Borderline Personality

“My 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed by a licensed psychotherapist with a Borderline Personality Disorder.  What got us in the therapist office was that my daughter was having constant thoughts of suicide and had quite a few scary self-mutilating episodes.   So easy to write those words down but nothing can describe the overwhelming fear we had as parents and simply not knowing how to help her.

At first, we tried to handle the situation ourselves but after a difficult year and constantly fearing that one day “she won’t miss” we found a good therapist that works well with teenagers.  It’s funny to say, but a huge load was lifted from our shoulders (including my daughter’s) when we got a clear diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.   Understanding what you’re dealing with is less frightening than being completely clueless.

However, after much reading to better understand her diagnosis, hope that my daughter would one day be happy and healthy was to say the least… bleak.   We were hard faced with a lifetime of psycho-therapy sessions and antidepressant’s drugs! We were so resolved to find another solution!   We just couldn’t accept that that was our only option. It so happened, that one of my daughter’s school teacher referred us to Deep Sood, a professional homeopath…

After her first session (which lasted for 3 hours!) we dared to hope that things could get better.   After her third session, we knew it could.  It’s now been a few months, and my daughter no longer has any thoughts of suicide and has stopped self-mutilating.   The constant, intense anger she felt has subsided, the emotional instability is improved, and she’s made great progress socially.    She’s not a 100% yet, but she’ll get there!

Deep was so patient and took the time to analyze my daughter’s thoughts, behavior and feelings in order to find the root of her distress.

Because she listens objectively, with no judgment, my daughter could open up and tell her the good as well as the ugly. Do I recommend homeopathy?   I say a resounding YES with tears to my eyes.”


Deep Sood,  D.Hom, MSc

Deep has acquired the ability to be an empathic listener and counselor over the course of her 30 years of teaching experiencec.  She specializes in the area of teens, emotional and behavioral issues, food disorders and women’s issues.  To learn more about Deep, click here.

New Hope for Borderline Personality

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