News from Honduras January 24, 2014

Honduras placeholder cropped 2It is the second day that we are at the Honduras MICH Clinic and the patients have started to come in larger numbers.

Many of the patients suffer from a disease called Chagas. This disease is carried by an insect, Cinche, and passed on to humans through a  bite. The Honduras clinic has had a project for the past 6 years where homeopathic remedies are used  for treatment and prevention of Chagas. Chagas is a debilitating disease since it affects the heart and eventually people die of heart failure.

We saw a lady of 62 years, a retired school teacher, who has  had heart problems and was receiving treatment for the past several years. She reported that she was  feeling much better and that her symptoms had improved considerably since her last consultation at the  clinic in October 2012. Today, she received the very good news that she tested negative for Chagas and  she was delighted. Her blood work paralleled her overall improvement of symptoms, and she now will only  need to take Chagas prevention treatment that she takes once per week.

Over the years, the clinic has become well known for its successful treatments of various conditions  with homeopathic remedies. Patients come from far to be treated. The remedies are donated and people  receive free treatments.

Yesterday, on our first day, a family walked three hours to come to the clinic for a consultation. They arrived at 8:00 am so that we would have time to meet with the various family  members and they would be able to leave in time to arrive back at their village by darkness. The people  of the beautiful mountainous area around Valle de Angeles, are used to hard physical conditions. They  work the land, they have no transportation except walking and all aspects of life that we take for  granted, they obtain through efforts such as having to carry their water from the village well to their  house. So to come to the clinic and be attended to by a group of homeopaths and receive free treatments  is a great gift to them and they show their appreciation through many smiles and thank yous.

This time  of the year is quite cool in the mountains, temperatures at night can go close to freezing point and  people get cold because they have no heating, no good windows that close and lack warm clothing as  well. The team was forewarned and many clothing donations of warm clothing came with us and we are able  to hand them out to the Hondurans that consult in the clinic. We are grateful to everyone in Canada who  participated in one way or another in donating to the clinic and to the mission.

Tomorrow afternoon we will go and make a few house calls to patients who cannot come make the long walk  to the clinic. It will be an opportunity to see that living environment of the population that is  served by the clinic.

Until then, greetings from Honduras!

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Our next missions are planned for:

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For these missions, we’re inviting Ontario and Quebec homeopaths to join us for training that applies to HTSF projects as well as clinical experience. For more information about how to join us on our next mission, contact us for more information.

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Carla Marcelis, ND, DHom

Carla brings dedication, passion and expertise as mission leader to the MICH Honduras Clinic and to her role as Director and teacher at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. Visit her webpage to learn more about her and to read all of her blog posts.

News from Honduras January 24, 2014

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