News from Honduras November 10, 2014

Monday morning and the Clinic has been buzzing with activity since 6:30.  Today, the team will be splitting in two; the majority will stay at the Clinic seeing people needing care and the others, Carla, Norbita and the photographer Kyung Chung, are meeting with the mayors and the health personnel of two communities in the region: Cantaranas and San Francisco.

Annie and Connie meet a young woman visiting the clinic – Photo credit, copyright TSF/Ky Chung

These communities have had cases of the viral disease Chikungunya (also know as CHIK), a disease spread by mosquito bites and resembles both malaria and Dengue and which can have long term consequences. Dengue is also endemic in these areas and so HTSF has prepared a formula for treatment and prevention of both Dengue and CHIK.

In the case of a campaign, the people who are sick are asked where they think they might have been bitten.  This is to find the core of the epidemic.  Whether it is at their place of work or at home, the people surrounding them are first in line for prevention, as are of course the health personnel working with the sick people.  For a more extended campaign, the remedy is handed out, door-to-door, in the whole community.

This cannot happen without a lot of support from the communities themselves, and so, today, as we are meeting with the mayors, we are going to see if there are community leaders, organized youth and women’s organizations which can help us.  They will get some training to know what they are giving out, how to make the bottles for distribution and how  the remedies are taken.  At the same time, other volunteers are trained to ask the crucial questions on an individual’s past health, such as whether they have had Dengue (a second time can be much more serious and even deadly), or malaria or are suffering from chronic conditions.

These volunteers will do the follow-up to see how the treatment is working.

During this mission, we are very fortunate to have with us the photographer Kyung Chung documenting all the aspects of work in an HTSF mission.  He is very experienced as a photographer with UN missions, and accompanied the ophthalmologists of TSF on a mission to the Philippines last year.  We are hoping to use his photographs to obtain some long term corporate funding, as well as to get more people interested in missions. Among others, it would be great to be able to bring the dentists of TSF here, because there is urgent need for accessible dental care.  His photographs can be seen in these blog posts: Honduras Photo Gallery November 9, 2014 and Honduras Photo Gallery November 11, 2014.

We will keep you posted on the campaign and the Clinic.

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Our next missions are planned for:

Mar 18-Apr 2, 2017

September 2017

October 2017

For these missions, we’re inviting Ontario and Quebec homeopaths to join us for training that applies to HTSF projects as well as clinical experience. For more information about how to join us on our next mission, contact us for more information.

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Carla Marcelis, ND, DHom

Carla brings dedication, passion and expertise as mission leader to the MICH Honduras Clinic and to her role as Director and teacher at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. Visit her webpage to learn more about her and to read all of her blog posts.

News from Honduras November 10, 2014

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