Noumedynamic, noumenal


“I refer to my experience at MICH as the ‘Fantastic Voyage’.  I traveled and ventured into my mental, emotional and physical states to an ultimate place of sensation and entered into the unknown”

Lise Lortie, Massage Therapist

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A Revolutionary Approach to Illness and Health

The purpose of healing is not to return to how you were before, but to bring you to a new level of existence, to start anew. Noumedynamic Health elucidates the REVOLUTIONARY Holistic approach to illness developed at MICH. It is an approach that reveals the meaning of disease as the dynamic partner of health. It explores what constitutes a truly curative process within a Holistic context. In Noumedynamic Health, you learn what is required to elicit a healing process within the organism, as a whole.

What to do when Illness Strikes

Noumedynamic Health is the training that helps our professionals help others find the opportunity in disease, and to turn suffering into greater wholeness. You will learn how we explore the soul’s code so as to release vital energy especially during health or life challenges.

Adapting to the Uniqueness of each Individual

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to health or health programs: be it diet, exercise, or stress reduction. Every individual is a unique expression, presents unique needs and requirements. Noumedynamic Health is a wonderful way to start the new year off right and learn to approach optimal health in a holistic and individualized way. 

A solid foundation with deep historical roots

Build on a solid foundation with an in-depth understanding of health that has stood the test of time: such as the central principles of healing put forth by Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine in the 5th century BC.
Some of what you will learn in the course:

  • How to uncover the hidden opportunities of illness
  • How to apply the three traditional branches of medicine
  • How to use a holistic approach to address the individual as a whole,  beyond body-mind-emotions
  • How Buddhist and Eastern philosophies can play an important role in the process of healing
  • What gets in the way of the healing process and how to address it
  • How to develop the faculty of Insight
  • How to practice inner dialogue to tap into the innate inner wisdom of the body
  • How to develop a fully holistic health lifestyle and plan
  • How to ensure the integrity of the life force by judiciously choosing from a full spectrum of body-mind health supports



• Holistic Integration exercises to shift your paradigm
• Pre-recorded presentations by Judyann McNamara
• Five units with quizzes
• Online classroom for student-teacher and student-student discussions/questions


• Start anytime you want (no fixed start date for this class


• Included in the Foundation Courses Package


• $340


• Open to the public
• Required course for MICH programs
• No pre-requisites required.
• Co-requisite: Discover Holism (strongly recommended to take this course before).


• 3 CEUs (28 credits)


• Judyann McNamara (founder of MICH) DHom, N.D., CCH
• Adam Fiore DHom, N.D.

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