Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Holistic Practice

Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Holistic Practice

Now is the Perfect Time -FB 940x788Society is ripe for change

Our society thought that with the advent of antibiotics and anti-depressants, all we needed to be healthy, happy, and live long is the right pill. So much so that western medicine abandoned two of its three branches of intervention and focused only on one, allopathy.

According to Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, medicine must hold three branches of intervention that correspond to three different, but COMPLEMENTARY healing principles.

The first involves supporting natural processes with diet, various age old well proven methods, energywork, appropriate movement and exercise. The second intervention uses the law of similars: finding a similar signature in nature to that of the individual’s unique life force. This natural similar acts as a tuning fork, helping the organism to adapt to a new situation, new opportunities, or to evolve into a new expression.

It is only when these two principles of interventions are not enough to provoke a complete cure, that one should intervene with “contraries”: the pharmaceutical medication prescribed on the basis of pathological symptoms to control symptoms or allopathy.

This third principle, allopathy, should never be used alone, but only CONJOINTLY, with the other 2 principles throughout the healing process. They complement each other, and there are no contra-indications if they are applied according to their true principles. You can start learning about these three branches and the opportunity of disease by taking our online course: Noumedynamic Health, right now.

People are seeking out holistic health solutions

People are becoming aware that there is no magic bullet. They are realizing that there is something missing in medicine, and they’re seeing that having to take a pill everyday and manage the side effects is not a true cure. People are looking for health care providers who can help them heal, become more whole, turn their disease into an opportunity for greater wholeness, and embrace the evolution and changes their body’s symptoms are announcing.

There has never been a better time to follow your dream

Learn about the medicine that everyone is looking for in an apprenticeship-style training with personalized, individualized feedback and guidance from professional educators with decades of teaching and professional clinical experience.

Assure your success through MICH’s international and national accreditation, courses that qualify for continuing education and university credits. MICH is no ordinary school. MICH is the leading edge in paradigm shifting and consciousness expansion: bridging leading edge science and spirituality, weaving depth psychology with quantum medicine. A school recognized for innovative and effective teaching methods and an internationally acclaimed HOLISTIC curriculum.

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Now is the Perfect Time to Start Your Holistic Practice

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