One of the best learning experiences of my life

One of the best learning experiences of my life

dispensary 4Overall, MICH has been (and still is) one of the best learning experiences of my life. Homeopathy has expanded my personal outlook as well as broadened my experience as a practitioner. One of these experiences was my trip to the MICH/HTSF Clinic in Honduras. After MICH training was finished, I had the opportunity to practice “homeopathy in action” first hand.

In Honduras, each day at the Clinic had new challenges. It was a perfect way for me to see how homeopathy could integrate into so many medical situations, which is not something that can happen in Canada. As well, it was a wonderful chance to work with other homeopaths. A part of MICH training is about working together and functioning as a team.

Apart from gaining personally while there, I witnessed how homeopathy can become available to people who cannot afford allopathic medications. While on a mission, HTSF volunteers have the opportunity to teach first line homeopathy basics to community members. With this knowledge, local networks can be developed to help with simple, as well as more complex, health situations, such as endemic diseases.

I cannot imagine practicing homeopathy without having experienced this aspect, because I developed confidence and new abilities. I also gained an even deeper appreciation for the amazing potential of this marvelous healing science and what it brings to the world.

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Jenn Holzgang, Herbalist, ND, NHC, D.Hom
MICH Homeopath

In addition to her volunteer work with HTSF, Jennifer Holzgang has also worked as a holistic practitioner as well as a teacher of herbology, biology and environmental health at a school of natural health in Montreal, and facilitated at MICH over the last 15 years. She gives workshops about holistic health to school and church groups covering subjects on herbalism and homeopathy. A particular favorite are “Herbwalks” that teach about local plant medicines.

One of the best learning experiences of my life

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