Panic relief for a 5-year-old

Janik Tremblay helped a five-year-old girl who had started to panic ever since she had been witness to a major water leak at home. Before the water leak, all her things were always done and in order, she took care of others, never forgot anything and made sure that others didn’t either, she was close to others, she was functional, easygoing but could also express what she didn’t like. After the water leak, she would panic if she could not find something, she was anxious, she would forget things and would get angry at herself for that, she was not interested in others, she would affirm herself too abruptly or promptly, she had more difficulty with conflicts, she was aggressive and worried, she would scream often, she would get angry more easily, she was more easily disappointed in what she did. Her mother said she was like a bomb blowing off all the time, as if she did not trust herself anymore, as if she was reacting to anything that was out of her control, as if she was demolished if she was refused something.

After one dose of her remedy, a great amelioration in all this was noticed. She received the remedy three times over a period of four months and she is back to her old self-confident self. She does not need follow-ups for the moment.   Read more about Janik  here and on her website.



Panic relief for a 5-year-old

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