Penny Lane


“I am so happy to share my experiences with homeopathy.

“I had been taking prescription medication to treat anxiety and panic for several years. I never felt comfortable putting these chemicals into my body but felt I had to in order to be a better mother to my son. I felt that my anxiety got in the way of me being the mother my son deserved, which resulted in so much guilt and anger. I did not want my son to witness his mother handling small life situations with an extreme and intense stress level. I would wake each morning in a state of panic, worry about everything, feel overwhelmed, was quick to anger and became compulsive about my surroundings.

“I had heard encouraging stories about homeopathic treatment and then had the great fortune of meeting my MICH Homeopath. Five minutes into our first session I knew that this was the perfect match for me! I have never felt so listened to and understood.

“At the end of the session I had the opportunity to look over sheets of paper detailing my behaviours and feelings. I was amazed that every word I said had been heard! I was treated with genuineness, empathy and professionalism.

“Within a day of taking my first remedy I felt like a new person. For the first time in a very long time I felt peace from within, calm, centered and balanced. Since then I have continued to work with my MICH Homeopath and have seen improvements and changes on many levels. As I experience changes in my symptoms, she is so open to reassessing my case and prescribing the remedy that best meets the symptoms that I am experiencing. I know that she is always there to support me and simply to listen! Homeopathy has given me the hope that I can treat anxiety naturally!”

– Penny Lane, Montreal, QC, December 2011

Penny Lane

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