Plus que neuf jours

Just nine days away…

… a unique opportunity to sink into a deeper level of life.

…a rare opportunity to open holistic awareness and develop dimensions of consciousness that are not ordinarily used in everyday life.

Few people realize the capacity of the correctly chosen homeopathic remedy to help individuals free themselves from conditioned patterns and bring deeper awareness to all facets of their lives and relationships.

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Perhaps even fewer realize that MICH Noumedynamic practice is closely related to Buddhist philosophy. Early Buddhist writings outlined a profound understanding of suffering and how the idea of self or illusion of self is created through levels of experience called “Skandhas”. At MICH, we explore each of these levels with our clients in order to determine the pathway by which an individual has created their sense of self, the conditioned patterns they are subject to, and the unnecessary stress to which they subject themselves. We then administer a homeopathic remedy that will assist the person to be better able to trace the path back to wholeness, health and well being. The person has more resources, more options to respond every time the sense of self takes over and begins to cause destructive, disease-causing stress. The same remedy helps the entire organism regain its sense of wholeness and health: physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Perceiving the subtle, noumedynamic level of the individual is central to this holistic understanding. The noumenal dimension is a subtle, invisible, and immaterial level of life not accessible by the physical senses. It is often called the vital force, soul, or the organizational principle of the organism. We have gleaned from both Eastern and Western philosophies everything possible to know about this subtle level or “soul”.

The Noumedynamic process involves becoming aware of ourselves as “Noumenon” with an immaterial dimension, in contrast to knowing ourselves only as “phenomenon”, an object of the physical senses. It is a process of discovering the essence that distinguishes and animates, establishes and maintains, the organism as ONE unique WHOLE.

It is fascinating and awe inspiring to witness the deepest inner workings unfold and reveal the uniqueness of the individual. And even more fascinating to see the correlation between the experience of the individual and an entity in nature (from which the remedy is made) as symbol.

On November 28th, do something out of the ordinary

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to sink into the richness of life for a full day. Devote a day to yourself and your soul. Bring a friend.

Places are limited, so don’t wait to register

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On Saturday, November 28th, Judyann McNamara (physicist, homeopath, MICH founder, teacher) provides a fascinating and inspiring morning lecture on the most recent scientific discoveries about the origins of life and why science has difficulty understanding what life is. We will be exploring exciting new developments in research that seriously challenge our worldview. In the afternoon, experiential exercises will be facilitated by Judyann and the MICH team to further your understanding of the relationship between the force that drives evolution, called Holism, and health and well-being.

Did you know?

Training at MICH is now open to the public through new one day and afternoon and evening workshops with small groups and individualized facilitation, online explorations and learning, face to face therapeutic training and webinars.

Come away with exciting insights, leading edge quantum biology revelations, and practical tools – all in one day for a very affordable price.

Places are limited!

RSVP: 514-486-2716 or[mailto][email protected][/mailto] [email protected]

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Plus que neuf jours

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