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MICH has developed a completely integrated holistic health training program to accommodate people with busy schedules. The Diploma program provides a double diploma in both homeopathy and naturopathy to ensure a meaningful and successful career as a holistic practitioner in complementary medicine, whereas the Noumedynamic Program and Individual Courses add a new dimension to professional and personal life. 



Professional development for CAM practitioners
Noumedynamic Training

The Noumedynamic Training Program is designed for both professional and personal interests, incorporating many ways of learning that are holistic and innovative.  The in-person experiential weekends of exploration, group interaction, dialogue, and hands-on practice are complemented by courses in different formats and venues:  online guided self study, live webinars, as well as in person, small group facilitation. All courses have a dimension of consciousness expansion and paradigm shifts.

Holistic Health Diploma Program
Diploma Program

The MICH diploma program is for individuals desiring to learn holistic intervention that awards fully accredited homeopathic and naturopathic diplomas. Achieve competency as a MICH Method™ holistic homeopath and naturopath through leading edge research in quantum biology, in-person experiential weekends of exploration, group interaction, dialogue, and hands-on apprenticeship. Interactive webinars, on-line quizzes and flashcards, digital audio recordings, videos, audio-visual multi-media presentations and live clinical supervised training keep you intrigued and motivated.

Personal Development for Holistic Health
Personal Development

Experience the transformation, personal freedom, personal evolution and depth of understanding provided by the MICH Method™, for yourself. Our experiential weekends will set you on a revolutionary new path of self-exploration and self-care and open your organism, senses and consciousness to deeper insights, and greater wholeness and health. You can also try our stand alone special interest courses to improve your and your family’s health and well being and to bring a deeper, more meaningful dimension to your life.

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Supporting Documents

Course outlines, program syllabi, application process, etc…

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Timeline and Courses by Date

2015 / 2016 MICH timeline and courses by date.

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Application and Admission

Apply online for the diploma or noumedynamic training programs and find out more about how to register for classes.    Select the courses you would like and pay online via paypal and find more about our admissions process.




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