The sacred act of being alive

The sacred act of being alive

Life is a miracle.

Every moment, every breath, every action and movement is a miracle. The sacred act of being alive Yet, even if we are mindful enough to be momentarily awestruck, it only takes a microsecond for our mind to turn back to its self absorbed chatter. If the many millennia of spiritual inquiry have not convinced us, then science has definitely and unequivocally established that this ingrained habit of the unruly mind is limiting and unhealthy. It releases cytokines and stress-related hormones, causing unnecessary physical stress within our organisms, which in turn leads to chronic disease. We are so identified with our thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs and other components of our inner chatter, that even our own body is experienced as something separate from our thinking self. We treat our body and mind as two separate selves, and we have to be reminded, and at times persuaded and convinced of the wholeness of the body-mind reality. Even if we “get” bodymind wholeness rationally, we quickly forget.  For example, when we get sick and we seek a purely chemical or mechanical solution to the “body’s problem”, conveniently ignoring the mental and emotional components. What makes it so difficult for us to embrace the wholeness of our existence, of life, and ourselves for more than just a fleeting moment? What has disconnected us from the underlying subtle, immaterial substratum that forms and informs all of life? The ancients were in touch with it. So much so that they could visualize and experience the meridians and acupuncture points situated at the nodes of the intersecting waves that form us. They mapped out a physical interface to a subtle, invisible defining layer of organization that is still used, in its original form, thousands of years later.

What happened to us?

Could it be that living in, and being constantly bombarded by a cultural environment that reduces everything to a question of money, possessions, appearance, or status through acquisition, has minimized everything non-material to being well, ”immaterial” in the pejorative sense? Could it be that our materialistic philosophy and paradigm has disconnected us from the non-material underlying wholeness of life? Holism transformed my life by grounding me in something that was as scientific as it was philosophical, that was not in opposition to materialism, but actually provided a bigger container within which materiality can exist in its own more limited way. I founded MICH on the holistic principles that transformed my life and proved most effective in transforming the lives of others. Without engaging in cause-effect blame, and creating more division, we can focus on effective and creative ways, such as Holism, to reconnect to, and root ourselves in, the underlying wholeness that forms and informs, that enlivens and evolves, and fills every moment with wonder and awe.

What is the true meaning of holism?

The word “holistic” is now bantered around like an undefined panacea.  But what, really, is Holism? Jan Christian Smuts originally posited Holism as the new paradigm in his 1926 book,  “Holism and Evolution”.  He wrote the following in his preface:

“It is a book neither of Science nor of Philosophy, but of some points of contact between the two…that will prove fruitful and creative for future progress in both, and to which special attention should be directed…[Especially] to a hitherto neglected factor or principle called Holism [which] underlies the synthetic tendency in the universe, and is the principle which makes for the origin and progress of wholes in the universe.

This whole-making or holistic tendency is fundamental in nature: …Evolution is nothing but the gradual development and stratification of progressive series of wholes, stretching from the inorganic beginnings to the highest levels of spiritual creation. This work deals with our primary concepts of matter, life, mind and personality in the light of this principle, and discusses some of the problems of Evolution from this new point of view.”

I love how the container provided by Holism is in accordance with the Buddhistic understanding of impermanence. Holism integrates Darwin’s theories of Evolution with Relativity theory and Quantum physics, in a way that make both pertinent not just to physical reality, but to the unfoldment of life as we live it. Embarking on Holism is transformative, and becoming essential to remaining healthy and whole within a fragmented culture.  Without a holistic perspective, we find ourselves struggling with contradictions, polarized views, opposing factions, and fragmentation both within ourselves and outside ourselves. Namaste, b3e10ba1-c643-4d1b-ad1f-7b0e030a9f57
Judyann McNamara – ND, DHom, CCH
Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher, Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 15 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, health sciences, homeopathy, holism and spirituality since 1975.  To learn more about Judyann, visit her profile page in our Professional Directory or click here to read more posts by Judyann. [divider style=”hr-dotted”]

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Anne Landry, MBA, CFA

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The sacred act of being alive

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