“A year ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 HER2+ breast cancer. I thought about complementary and allopathic healing paths and realized that when I listened inside carefully, I was being called to both. Images intuitively arose of the First Nations sundance, which uses invasive methods (cutting and dancing in heat) and holistic integration (permitting individual and communal healing in dialogue with nature). I invited in whatever felt healing to me and was open to wherever my path led. I still am.

“At the beginning of my journey, I was surprised to find some within my medical team open to permitting me to use herbal and homeopathic supports. Ironically, within the world of complementary medicine I encountered a lot of negative judgement over my decision to also use medical paths and teachings. I learned very quickly that I had to listen deeply inside to where I was intuitively being called–and that my healing path would unfold in its own mysterious way–to trust in this above anything else.

“My experience with homeopathy has been extremely positive. I did not turn to homeopathy (or to the medical world) for a cure or a quick ‘fix.’ Although I was diagnosed with cancer, I have always been interested in a deeper sense of wholeness, of health and wellbeing. Cancer was another messenger among many–bringing pause and the invitation to listen and understand inside more closely. Working with homeopathy was another way to support the deeper listening, which could then permit me to better support myself. In seeking help with healing I was not looking for a way to live as long as I could by any means necessary, or to somehow escape things. I wanted to understand more deeply what was happening inside so that my body, my deeper self, could guide me in how to be with this, in loving and healing ways. My deeper self knows best so the process has required a lot of listening, patience and commitment to sitting with that mystery.

“Thanks to the excellent support I have received from my homeopath and the remedies, I was able to go through 29 radiotherapy treatments without fatigue and little skin burning. My radiologist was amazed! I also had six chemotherapy treatments of TCH and did not have much nausea. I was able to hike in between treatments, continue to exercise and had little taste changes. My fatigue would pass usually two days after each treatment. I did lose my hair but my hair has come back very quickly and thickly. I’m very grateful for this.

“The dramatic demonstrable evidence of the power of homeopathy can be seen I suppose in the alleviation or prevention of my symptoms from the chemo and radio. However it has been and continues to be of much more fundamental importance to me than that. The work with the remedies is helping to create room for me to hold me with peace. The creation of this room, thanks to the help of the remedies, is deeply organic and alive…and feels very much of me, in conversation with me, sacred gifting. I continue to be very grateful to my homeopath and to the remedies for all that they are teaching me about listening and sitting with this sacred mystery inside myself. Grateful to myself and the universe too, for having this wonderful chance to walk in wellness along this healing path!”

– Shauna, Montreal, QC, 2011


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