Spongia case

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Last spring, a 23-year-old female consulted with me because she was feeling troubled by her “inability to move forward” in life.  She is a bright young woman, who speaks honestly and candidly about her issues.  She’s focused on a second career as a way to support her other interests.  She was risking failure at school due to not doing her homework and failing her final exam.  She had already experienced difficulties studying during her previous courses in nursing.

Before Homeopathic Intervention

She came concerned that her bad habits were getting in the way of her ability to study.  She complained of being obsessed with doing the right thing, and was getting on the scale everyday to be sure she didn’t gain weight.  She’s a smoker, trying to quit, and also trying to quit binging on alcohol occasionally.  She feels like she tries and does well, but then fails, again and again.  She has anxiety, and often feels dull and emotionless and doesn’t want to be around anybody.

She takes synthroid for hypothyroidism, and has frequent sore throats, and throat issues.

During the process of her case session, she mentioned being ready to quit school because she was crushed by her perceived laziness.  She spoke about her stress with deadlines and not living by her morals.  When asked to use her imagination to describe no deadline, she said it feels she has a base skeleton, and when it feels like that, life can build on top of that in a natural way.  No deadline felt like a flow, a sway like that of the ocean or water. Through the process of homeopathic inquiry, she went deeper and spoke about how she disintegrates and fades away, everything goes into a million pieces and scatters out, only to be transformed again, always morphing.  But when there is a deadline, it is as if there is a bonk in the head, a death, a lost limb, where the body is still there, but has to regrow, and start all over again.

After taking her core remedy, she’s been seen 3 times for follow ups, each time receiving a higher potency of the same remedy, and has experienced a progressive improvement.

After Homeopathic Intervention

During her fourth session this September, she said “Nothing bothers me, I think about how I was before and I can’t believe it.” She quit smoking 2 months ago, and now feels much more balanced in her habits.

She  described her process with the remedy and her new perceptions: “It’s like a different perspective. It showed me something I never saw before. Now I don’t feel the pressure anymore – I don’t have to get on the scale everyday, and I don’t have to go to the gym everyday, and I eat more what I want – and it’s healthyI don’t go partying anymore, except on the rare occasion, and then if I smoke or drink, I don’t feel guilty.  I like to be myself.  At work there is no more anxiety, and I can take my time, where I used to feel rushedBefore I wanted to change jobs, go into something new; now I work day for the day, and I feel super happy for no reason.

She had a huge smile when she confessed the she retook the exam she had failed, and passed.  She said, “I had felt it was impossible, but now I see the fruit of my labor.  Now, I try to do things day to day, and what I do is enough.  I used to feel I had to do everything in one day.”  Additionally, her recurrent throat infections went away.

Julia Thompson, DHom, Nurse

Julia’s focus and experience is in working to help people with addictions, mental health and mood disorders and the challenges surrounding trauma.  She works with children, adolescents, and adults and is also a supervisor and facilitator with MICH.  Click here to visit her full profile.

Spongia case

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