Stronger, healthier and more herself than ever

Stronger, healthier and more herself than ever

“In 2013 my 6-year-old daughter developed Post Strep Reactive Arthritis after suffering from numerous strep infections. She was trapped in absolute agony as the inflammation migrated its way around her joints while we struggled to maintain an effective level of ibuprofen to stave off her flare ups.

In addition to her physical symptoms she became totally fearful, nearly petrified during the day, with her nights full of terror, entirely unlike her as an active, outgoing and rational child.

We were referred to Jana and after homeopathic consultations with her my daughter made remarkable improvement: overnight her fearfulness and terror evaporated, her body very soon healed, and since then she has been stronger, healthier and more herself than ever, with not one strep infection since.

Jana’s knowledge, insight, compassion and patience is unparalleled and we could never thank her enough. Truly a life changing and eye opening experience.”

Amy B.

Jana Cernochova BSc, DHom, RHom

Jana obtained her first diploma in homeopathy in 2000 at which time she also formed the Homeopathic Clinic Lipa.   That year she also graduated from Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy.  She loves to work with all family members (including pets!) and has a special interest in men’s health issues.  Through her personal experience she acquired additional insight into adolescent behaviour.

Stronger, healthier and more herself than ever

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