Student Life

Professional development for CAM practitioners
Student Testimonials

Over 100 students have completed our 4 year training program and every single one of them was able to experience for themselves the transformational experience that is MICH.  Read some of their testimonials here.

Holistic Health Diploma Program
Student MICHPA members

The MICH experience is one that carries on after class is over and graduation is behind us. Between our third year of studies and graduation there is an interim period when many of our graduates are working at greatly reduced rates, in the student clinic or in their own student practices.  Learn about our student professional members here.

Personal Development for Holistic Health
MICHPA for Grads

The MICH professional association was formed by students for students and is the container that provides a place for students to transition into the world as professional homeopaths.   Learn more about the mission and principles held by MICHPA and how to join.

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