Supporting the Shift from Summer to Fall

Supporting the Shift from Summer to Fall

shutterstock_214712665Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other ancient medical systems teach us to move with the seasons.

Specifically, TCM views with great importance the transition from the active and outward pouring energy of the Fire element (summer) to the more inward moving energy of the Metal (fall) and Water (winter) elements.

Soup and stews, baked fruits, baked or steamed vegetables and warming grains (quinoa, oats, brown rice, etc) are best eaten during fall and winter seasons.  Visit your local market and stock up on nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits from Quebec.  Pears, apples, beets, squash, etc. Continuing to eat too many cooling foods like salads, tropical fruits and smoothies, and consuming large amounts of dairy products make the transition into the cooler months more difficult.

We don’t have enough digestive fire to break down these cooling and raw foods and as a result we produce phlegm, which affects the lungs and its paired organ, the large intestine. Therefore, change from raw and cooling foods to warming and heartier meals.

The lungs are fragile during the fall seasonm while the kidneys are most sensitive during the winter.  Here are some beverage ideas to support the lung energy during the transition into cooler months:

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Ginger Tea[/highlight] – Warms the lungs and digestive system. Place 5 or 6 fresh slices in water (or you can grate it) and boil for 10 minutes. Add agave nectar or raw honey to sweeten.

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Hot Lemon Tea[/highlight] – Squeeze half a lemon in hot water with raw honey. Add a pinch of cayenne to stimulate metabolism and break down any accumulation of phlegm. Do this first thing in the morning.

[highlight color=”golden” style=”style-2″]Herbal Teas[/highlight] –  ‘Breathe Easy’ by Traditional Medicinals combines Western and Chinese herbs to warm and invigore, and is widely available at local health food stores.


Adam Fiore ND, D.Hom

Adam is a certified Homeopath and Naturopath, having completed his training at MICH, with additional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Visit his website at

Supporting the Shift from Summer to Fall

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