Honduras Missions Photo Gallery

As we receive photos from the team, they’ve been uploaded to a photo gallery that’s organized by day. The spirit of the mission shines through the images of the team visiting patients at their homes because they can no longer make the journey to the clinic and despite their long days of practice, they’re always[…]

News from Honduras January 25, 2014

It is our third day at the clinic and we had an intense morning with some very seriously ill patients. These patients live in such poverty and difficult housing conditions, that their illnesses are maintained, or keep coming back, despite treatment. We have in our team of homeopaths also a nurse and she was busy today[…]

News from Honduras January 24, 2014

It is the second day that we are at the Honduras MICH Clinic and the patients have started to come in larger numbers. Many of the patients suffer from a disease called Chagas. This disease is carried by an insect, Cinche, and passed on to humans through a  bite. The Honduras clinic has had a[…]

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