Tanitsa Tsvetkova


“After our arrival in Canada, my one-year-old daughter Viktoria began suffering from ear infections.

“Over six months our pediatrician had tried five different antibiotics on Viktoria with no success, and when he prescribed a sixth antibiotic and referred us to a specialist for surgery (to put a tube in Viktoria’s ear), I didn’t fill the sixth prescription.I was very scared of going ahead with the surgery, and I’d heard from friends that it doesn’t solve the problem.

“I had read about homeopathy before and people had recommended it but I’d never tried it. My friend suggested that we go to the MICH Teaching Clinic. We booked a session there and my daughter took one dose of the homeopathic remedy they prepared for her. Six days later we went to our pediatrician for a review. He found that the sixth antibiotic (the one we didn’t purchase) had helped both Viktoria’s ears to be one hundred percent clean of infection.

“Since that time my whole family have been treated by my MICH Homeopath and we very rarely visit our pediatrician. My homeopath has seen my children for two years and during that time we have only needed to take antibiotics once. I am very pleased with my MICH Homeopath. She is a wonderful and very responsible person. I feel that my homeopath saved my child from surgery. I am very grateful to her and recommend her often.”

– Tanitsa Tsvetkova, Montreal, QC, July 2011

Tanitsa Tsvetkova

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