The Art and Science of Homeopathic Case Taking at MICH

The Art and Science of Homeopathic Case Taking at MICH

By allowing wonder to bubble up as science and scientists ponder life, they encounter the staggering mystery that is the existence of this world, a mystery that facts alone can never begin to fill. This is the experience of truly wise scientists. In recent times, the essential elements of wonder and curiosity in the true researcher have brought science to the very boundary of what it can know empirically, with its own methodology. In the study of health with regards to the human being, science is discovering that “meaning” is central to wellbeing, and subsequently,  ealth. As science pulls apart species and tries to turn evolution into a linear process, it bumps up against a spherical, all embracing reality. As it delves into the smallest particle of matter, it discovers another universe that can only be explained by creating another physics that transcends and includes its junior. When Einstein’s brand of physics burst forward, it showed itself to transcend yet include Newtonian physics. Transcending and including: the process of evolution, the cosmology of the great chain of life, the foundation of almost all traditional spiritual religions. As empirical science encounters its shortcomings in relationship to living things, perhaps, with a dose of honest humility, it can fully admit that there are dimensions of existence, especially in regard to living beings, that it cannot begin to know through a strictly empirical approach. Perhaps, then, we can envision a broader, Integral Science, and revisit, and bring new insight to traditional methods of knowing, that modern science mistakenly has dismissed, or does not recognize. The knowledge (data) being sought by the homeopath is that which needs to be cured in a patient (§ 3). It is called the totality of symptoms or the total disease image (§ 104 and § 7). This totality includes mental emotional states, spiritual meaning and soulful existence. How can we assure that our homeopathic   actice leads to valid knowledge that approaches truth in all these areas? And, how do we assure that our method precludes speculation, personal opinion, or other invalid conclusions? In this article, we will explore the essential elements of scientific investigation and apply them, but in a multi-dimensional, integral paradigm so as to satisfy the integrated, holistic potential of homeopathy. We will begin with an application of the three strands or the three central aspects used in scientific inquiry. 1. Instrumental Injunction (Instruments to use and clear instructions for the experiment), in other words, the parameters of the experiment (in homeopathy, the case taking process). 2. Direct apprehension, or acceptance of the data or referents in the worldspace brought forth by the parameters of the  xperiment. 3. Communal inquiry. Falsifiability.

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The Art and Science of Homeopathic Case Taking at MICH

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