The Lure of Addiction – A Homeopathic Case

The Lure of Addiction – A Homeopathic Case

The challenge of any homeopath when working with someone suffering from a long-standing addiction, of any sort, is to see beyond one’s own ideas, and preconceived beliefs.  With a certain degree of awareness, and humility, we can all recognize that we are subject to powerful energies of attachment and desire, and that we collectively play out various forms of addiction in our own lives.

The MICH homeopathic process emphasizes each individual within the transpersonal context of being human.  Thus, each individual case of addiction is considered within this larger context.

Homeopathic Intervention

A middle-aged male came with a long-standing sex addiction to cyber porn.  He explains that the addiction compromises his day-to-day experience, resulting in obsessive uncontrollable behaviour, loss of energy and disturbed peace of mind.  He experiences a continual worry about ‘the reactions of others’ and a ‘need for love from others.’  Once taken by the allure of addiction, triggered most often by a thought or image, his freedom of choice is deeply challenged and his ability to adapt to this movement of the mind all but vanishes.

He elaborates further that, “I tend to be anxious, especially about getting whatever I’m doing right.”  He reiterates fears of ‘not being loved and not receiving the approval of others.”  He has a history of burnouts and continues to experience similar patterns of stress in his current position, and in relationships.  In all areas of his life, the emphasis is placed on “making others feel good, so that they are happy and love me.”

When this striving to ‘get whatever I’m doing right’ is perceived as unsuccessful, his inner experience challenges this sense of self with sensations of “…being weighed down, a sense of heaviness.  There is a black cloud, like a fog and a sadness.  I feel very serious, there is no laughing.  It is deep, heavy and dark.  A sort of cave-like enclosure and it is always there, hidden.”

After Homeopathic Intervention

At his follow-up appointments, he reports a number of global improvements.  At “…work and in my relationships I am more balanced.  I am not as overly concerned with others.  There are much fewer extremes and more spontaneous actions.”  He continues: “I feel a lot of space.  I feel lighter.  There were times when the impulse came up, but I had more choice.  I did not always need to act on it.  And when I did, the duration wasn’t as long.  There was less of a drive towards it.”

He continued homeopathic support for a period of four more months, continually experiencing improvement, after which time he felt ready and well enough to stop.  One year later, with a return of some previous impulses and patterns, he once again consulted and responded very well to homeopathy.  He now consults when he experiences a decrease in his adaptability to stress.

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Adam Fiore ND, D.Hom

Adam is a certified Homeopath and Naturopath, having completed his training at MICH, with additional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Visit his website at or read more posts by Adam.

The Lure of Addiction – A Homeopathic Case

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