The Noumedynamic Human: A New Holistic Medical Model

The Noumedynamic Human: A New Holistic Medical Model

MICH has a developed an understanding of the human being and human
pathogenesis which we are calling Noumedynamic. Noume- is related to the word noumenon. Our students will remember from Study Guide Year One Lesson 5 that “noumenon” is derived from the Latin “numen” which means deity, divine will or divine presence. “Noumenon” corresponds to Plato’s “Form” —immaterial level of Reality that can only be apprehended by a non-sensory faculty, (and not by reason, as explained by Kant). The “noumenal” world is the world of the immaterial, the spiritual, the world of realities not accessible to the body’s senses. The “noumedynamic” human incorporates the idea of the human being as driven by a “noumenal” force such as the soul.

At MICH, our understanding of pathogenesis involves a body-mind-soul, holistic and dynamic process (noumedynamic).

In this article I would like to illustrate how current perspectives in conventional medicine are moving towards a holistic model that supports the MICH understanding of pathogenesis. Perhaps even more importantly, is how these conventional perspectives are driving research towards discovering possible mechanisms by which homeopathic treatment affects the organism.

The key areas of research that are currently most relevant to homeopathy are those that have been looking at the effects of stress on the organism and its relationship to disease.

Stress, in its simplest form, is the application of, or resistance to, a force. Stress, by definition, is the process through which adaptation and evolution occur in response to externally and internally driven forces. Life is movement, a dynamic interaction of forces. Stress can be environmentally-induced or self-induced. Self-induced stress can be experienced as two forms: a force pushing the individual (striving) or a force resisting change or life (ego resistance).

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Download the PDF of the full article (The Noumedynamic Human: A New Holistic Medical Model that Supports Key Elements of Homeopathic Practice and Possibly Explains the Mechanisms of Homeopathic Action)

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The Noumedynamic Human: A New Holistic Medical Model

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