The real me is back!

This case summary of a 51-year old suffering from vertigo is shared by Sonia Osorio. “I have been suffering from vertigo (dizzy, nauseous) for some time. The symptoms were debilitating and persistent, and nothing would completely alleviate or eradicate this ‘out of synch’ feeling. I’m about to take the leap [to create my own business]. Before, I had to adapt to other’s ideas, now I have my own; I’ve outgrown the employee role. But I’m hesitating. I feel like things are not in order, not perfectly lined up. Like I’m trying to find a level to steady myself, to find a happy medium, to do the right thing. In jarring environments I try to keep my composure, be the level-headed one. There’s an inner balance that I want to maintain”.

After the homeopathic case-taking and remedy, she now reports the following, “After taking the remedy, the symptoms disappeared almost immediately. I know I can support myself and get good contracts. I don’t need others’ approval and I’m more sure that I’m doing the right thing [by leaving stressful job]. This is the real me, not the voices in my head telling me what to do, to keep my comfort zone, preventing me from doing what I want, to take the leap. I keep focused on the future and know things will change. I try to give things a positive spin. I’ve learned a lot in the process.”

Learn more about Sonia here.  Or visit her website.

The real me is back!

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