Tim S.


“I initially decide to consult with a MICH Homeopath due to some unusually strong and persistent allergic reactions I had been having, in addition to problems of chronic fatigue and uncomfortable coldness in my extremities. I had seen a regular homeopath some years ago for a different issue, but the formulaic and impersonal nature of the diagnostic process was disappointing. However, after having my initial session with my MICH Homeopath, I was surprised by the depth of her analytical process.

“I found that the methods with which she explored my issues took me somewhat out of my comfort zone, however I never felt that there was any imposition of her own analysis or suggestions of ideas other than my own.

“I usually felt a near-immediate response in the remedies she prescribed, and in describing these responses to her, she would re-examine her strategy of treating the problems. In this process, I would continue exploring new territory regarding my senses/feelings/impressions about the issues in question.

“In each session — I had 4-5 sessions in total — I would inevitably discover that I’d managed to find new ways of examining my health issues through her guidance, and had developed my own vocabulary to describe the sensations and emotions I was feeling. It was a very ‘self-emergent’ process. I would always leave the session with a different and much more positive outlook on the issues I had come to explore, and this would reinforce the process in the subsequent

– Tim S., Montreal, QC, 2011

Tim S.

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