The MICH faculty is made up of a dedicated group of individuals who come from complementary backgrounds, but with a shared passion for helping humanity and the earth with Holism and homeopathy. We have collaborated for many years in teaching, researching holistic approaches, and the role of personal transformation in healing. We all teach by vocation, share a common work ethic and personal interest in our students’ evolution and development. This makes for a well-integrated faculty with members who deeply respect each other and value each other’s contributions. As a team, we provide consistency in both philosophy and approach and know how to work together and for the students’ best interests. All MICH teachers hold a holistic understanding of the human condition, and the transpersonal nature of Holistic practice.

Judyann McNamara, MSc, N.D., DHom, DHP, HOM, CCH

MICH Founder, Director and Teacher
Contribution: Holistic understanding, diagnosis and process

Judyann facilitates students’ ability to perceive another’s essential nature, in order to see and address the individual as a whole. She is known for her interactive and experiential conferences, which explore awareness, diagnosis, and homeopathic process from a holistic (and quantum) understanding.

Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher (biophysics), Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 25 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, science, health, holism and spirituality since 1975. She is a Homeopath with classical unicist training, a Naturopath, and the founder of MICH.

Judyann graduated with honours in Physics, and a major in Biology and went on to graduate studies in microwaves and field theory. While working in the Bio-medical/Bio-Physics research field, she witnessed interesting experiments involving bio-photon exchange and transmission in living cells, which sparked her to explore research in quantum biology and subtle energy fields, and led her to homeopathy.

She thoroughly enjoys sharing her insights for prescribing on the deepest level possible, fervently exploring the mysteries of life with her students and colleagues.

Unicist, classically-trained Homeopath (Certified Classical Homepath with the Council of Homeopathic Certification, member of the Ontario College of Homeopaths, and the SPHQ)
Naturopath (ANPQ)
Natural Health Consultant (NHC)
Holistic Professional (IAHP)
Clinical Practice (25+ years)
Physics – Honours, Masters work in biophysics
Post-graduate bio-medical and biophysics research
Teacher of various scientific and holistic courses since 1980.

Carla Marcelis, ND, DHom, DHP, Drs

MICH Co-founder and Teacher
Contribution: The cycles of life and the special requirements of each stage

Carla shares more than 20 years of experience of clinical practice with our students. Carla’s teaching encourages respect of the natural vital force that enlivens and orchestrates the delicate and harmonious functioning of the organism throughout its life. Her medical background, combined with many years of naturopathic, homeopathic  and nutritional experience provides a rich and multi-dimensional understanding of  the human body. She shares her knowledge with enthusiasm and brings to life even the driest of subjects with examples from her practice and experience.

MICH Homeopath (MICH trained Homeopath, Member of the Ontario College of Homeopaths, and the SPHQ)
Naturopath (ANPQ)
Masters Degree in Medicine (Netherlands)
Holistic Professional (IAHP)
Clinical Practice (20+ years)
Researcher, writer, co-author, translator and editor of numerous medical, women’s health and international health articles, studies, resource documents and guides.
Teacher of various women’s health, naturopathic ad medical courses since 1995.

Melissa Dair, BEd, N.D., DHom, DHP

MICH Co-founder and Teacher
Contribution: Participant-centered and creative teaching methodologies

Learning enrichment. Counselling on therapeutic and personal development, process, and integration. Training and coordinating of facilitators.

Melissa brings to MICH more than twenty years of experience in education as a teacher, professional learning facilitator, and student support coordinator. In addition to this professional background, her training in holistic counselling and homeopathy  has added an important dimension to the depth of her understanding of the human journey. Melissa’s highly honed communication skills inspire students to discover and express their highest potential, as she accompanies them on their path of self discovery, learning and growth.

MICH Homeopath (D.Hom) MICH trained Homeopath
Bachelor of Education, Phys. Ed. Major, (McGill University)
Diploma in Special Education (McGill)
Spiritual Psychotherapy Certificate (NHC)
Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Quebec (ANPQ)
Private practice for 10+ years


Adam Fiore, DHom, N.D., DHP

MICH Teacher, Facilitator, Clinic Supervisor and Registrar
Contribution: Ever expanding knowledge of provings and the Materia Medica, Participant-centered case taking facilitation, Supervising Clinic cases, overseeing Academic evaluation and records.

Adam brings his rich experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Yogic healing arts, where he is certified both as an Acupressure therapist and Yoga instructor, as well as his training an practice as a Naturopath.  As a long-time practitioner of meditation (as well as an enthusiastic musician), he fully embodies and practices the Holistic approach and philosophy of MICH. He has utilized various body-mind modalities in his work with children, teenagers and adults, working in areas such as spectrum disorders, addiction, cancer and mental health. He was trained at MICH as a Holistic Practitioner and has been a very appreciated key teacher, clinical supervisor and facilitator at MICH for many years.

MICH Homeopath, Member of the Ontario College of Homeopaths, HOM)  Naturotherapist (NHC)
Certified Naturopath and Member of Regroupement des Intervenants et Thérapeutes en Médecine Alternative (RITMA)                                          Private practice for 10+ years

Suzana Da Costa, DHom, N.D., DHP, MT

Learning Coordinator, Facilitator, Supervisor, Marketing & Communications Manager
Contribution: Creating an inspiring and personalized learning environment, a web presence that reflects the depth and breadth of the MICH training

Suzana is  a MICH homeopath, Naturopath and Holistic practitioner and a Massage Therapist with extensive Therapist-Client relationship experience from which she draws when facilitating and supporting students throughout their MICH training. Her creative interests which include the study of the art of Astrology and many systems of understanding that mediate between different dimensions of life, bring an aesthetic, insightful and sensitive dimension to MICH’s online presence, and her role as guide with students.

MICH Homeopath (D.Hom) MICH trained Homeopath (SPHQ)
Naturopath (ANPQ)
Massage Therapist (RMQ)
Private practice

Christiane Magee, BA, DHom, N.D., DHP

MICH Facilitator, Clinic Supervisor, Tutor                                                Contribution: Student Facilitation, Supervision, Scheduling, Web and Technical support

Christiane is a MICH homeopath, naturopath and holistic practitioner who brings her extensive management experience and keen interest in Holism, Quantum biology, evolution and health to the many forms of support that she provides to the students and MICH.  She also shares her extensive background in business with MICH Interns and Graduates to help them get their practices off the ground.

MICH Homeopath (D.Hom) MICH trained Homeopath
Naturopath (ANPQ)
Private practice

Adrienne Smith DHom N.D. DHP

MICH Tutor, Teaching assistant                                                                              Contribution: Updating the always evolving MICH teaching documents with new discoveries and approaches, support the MICH teaching staff

Adrienne is a MICH homeopath, naturopath and holistic practitioner who brings her experience in helping others embark on their own healing journey.  Her background as a preschool teacher of autistic children has provided her with deep compassion and understanding of life’s challenges and the unique and individual nature of each person’s journey.

MICH Homeopath (D.Hom) MICH trained Homeopath
Naturopath (ANPQ)
Private practice