The MICH Professional Association provides a supportive environment for the continued professional development of the MICH homeopaths. The association defines and upholds the standards of practice for its members, and guarantees that every MICH homeopath works diligently and ethically in the client-homeopath collaborative journey towards wellness.

The community spirit created by the non-competitive, open and mutually supportive atmosphere at MICH continues to live on beyond graduation.

MICH offers stimulating and inspiring continuing education courses, case supervision, case management, marketing support, and community activities for their grads. Grads regularly meet to share cases, information from workshops and conferences, remedies and discoveries. Our graduates also took the incentive to create their own association: the MICH Professional Association. MICHPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing homeopathy to those in need; to bringing greater public awareness of homeopathy; and to providing a community of support to the MICH Alumni as they develop their practices. One central project of the association is the MICH clinic  offering free health care to those who have none in Honduras.

MICHPA Members contribute and benefit by collectively supporting our clinic in Honduras, publishing and sharing their successes, marketing their services,  and organizing continuing education events. They continue to develop open inquiry as the primary method to explore new horizons and to work collectively within the Association.


Click here for information on how to join MICHPA

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