MICHPA Student Interns


In 2011, MICH graduates formed the MICH Professional Association (MICHPA) to uphold the school’s standards of practice. Current students are encouraged to join MICHPA, allowing them to contribute and benefit by collectively supporting our clinic in Honduras, publishing and sharing their successes, marketing their services, and organizing continuing education events. MICHPA Student Interns are listed below.



Suzana Da Costa  |  Ioana Ilinca Domsa  |  Gabrielle Ghillany  |  Nancy Graham  |

Theresa Grant  |  Christiane Magee  |  Karine Ouellet  |  Sabrina Verdecampo




Suzana Da Costa

Student Intern



Suzana’s studies at MICH have provided her with a deeper understanding of the human journey and renewed her desire to help others in their journey of self discovery and health.

Following her initial training in the healing arts at the NHC, she started her practice as a massage therapist after completing Kiné Concept’s diploma program. It was then that she began to recognize the major role stress plays when it comes to health and disease and realized health can only truly come from within. When hearing from her clients that having the space and time to explore the source of their stress often led to greater insight, she decided to pursue modalities which would help to shed light on the inner dynamics of the human being.

Now in her third year of studies at MICH, she’s looking forward to adding homeopathy to her practice as a massage therapist and self discovery consultant.

In addition to her work in the healing arts, she enjoys developing and managing websites and blogs.

Contact the MICH clinic for more information about Suzana.


Ilinca Domsa

Student Intern



At the core of our health challenges is the possibility to listen to our soul as it faces the question of yet another adaptational phase in the flow of life; this is the inherently healing process that Ilinca is happy to facilitate. In her experience so far, she holds a space that is particularly well suited for significant issues of social adaptation or addictive pattern behaviour. At the centre of her therapeutic inquiry lies a vivid curiosity about the human journey, the understanding that nothing human is foreign to any of us, and a sense of awe in the face of the mystery that is each and every one of us.
Ilinca has always felt an affinity with the processes linked to the end of life. Having volunteered in Palliative Care, with additional Contemplative End-of-Life Care studies, she can apply her holistic homeopathic training to assist with issues from physical changes to shifts in individual and family dynamics that arise in an end-of-life context.
Her performing arts butoh practice adds to her training in accessing the patterns that are active and generate suffering within ourselves, and easing their grip on our vital force. Insight and experience with creative processes inspire her to extend an invitation to healing to all those who are challenged in their creative flow.
Ilinca`s experience is enriched by her recent participation in a volunteer mission with Homeopathes de Terres sans Frontieres in Honduras.
She shares her life with two lovely felines, and having greatly benefited from the use of homeopathy for them, she is ready and happy to extend a helping paw to your feline and other animal friends.
To get in touch with Ilinca, please send her an email at: [email protected]


Christiane Magee

Student Intern



Christiane discovered homeopathy in 2012 after attending a MICH open house and never looked back. Working previously in the world of digital marketing in corporate and agency environments for 20 years, she has experienced first-hand multiple burn-outs, and witnessed countless times in a multitude of ways how stress affects the whole individual – mind, body, and emotions – and can manifest itself into a myriad of health conditions and illnesses.

The training at MICH has provided her with a new paradigm – a new way of thinking, seeing and understanding stress and disease and how interwoven they are with how an individual perceives and moves through life. Homeopathy addresses the uniqueness of the individual – it facilitates a person’s ability to achieve optimal health and balance in all aspects of their lives, ultimately resulting in better relationships, an ability to adapt more comfortably to all life-situations and more energy to spend on activities that bring meaning and purpose to life.

Christiane is excited everyday to have a holistic health practice that helps people who suffer from burn-out, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, or any chronic issues that are stopping her clients from leading a full and enriching life.

To find out more about Christiane, please contact the MICH clinic.

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