What is Your Unique Contribution to the World?

What is Your Unique Contribution to the World?

What is Your Destiny?

Unique Contribution 400x400Each one of us is a unique note in the symphony of humanity. Playing that note is destiny: not our fate as something to which we are resigned, but destiny as something we work towards. The Greeks called it a dimand, an inner spirit pushing you toward a destiny. A call and an impulse that is felt and expressed in every cell and every part of your body. A destiny, not your destiny, because destiny is always collective, always interwoven with others. You can’t get born alone. Careers are created through relationship. Life paths are created through meeting people. People help people manifest their visions when they come together and listen to each other in a supportive, nonjudgmental way. When they collaborate and explore in a way that leads to self-discovery.

What do you want to manifest?

Manifestation is our unique intelligent and compassionate interaction with the visible world, and it is revealed through relationship. Your expression is unique, there has never been anyone like you, there is only one “you” right now on earth, and there will only be one of “you” in the whole future of humanity. Manifestation is not getting what you want, it is discovering through others what you have to give that is uniquely yours. MICH is a “manifestation community”, a learning community, as well as a professional school of homeopathy and holistic practice. It is a holistic, synergistic, and fun community where people come together to support each other’s creative process and path. Esalen, Omega, are similar in spirit to MICH, but they are transitional communities, a community of strangers. MICH is a community of colleagues who know that every member is unique, who honour that uniqueness and find ways of collaborating and working together so that each member’s uniqueness finds its expression. Your genuine self-expression is something no one can take away from you nor replace you in it. We are all called toward a unique expression, and if we do not honour that calling, our gifts remain lost to the world forever. Honour who you are, and what you manifest in your work, your relationships, your life, instead of cloaking yourself in order to survive. Take a step toward manifesting your unique expression. Sign up for free to course samples, webinar and class handouts that will give you a taste of how MICH facilitates a deeper connection our own unique contribution (and how to see this in others).  If you’re ready for more, apply for our one of a kind fully accredited training for holistic practitioners. Namaste, Judyann [divider style=”hr-dotted”]
Judyann McNamara – ND, DHom, CCH
Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher, Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 15 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, health sciences, homeopathy, holism and spirituality since 1975.  To learn more about Judyann, visit her profile page in our Professional Directory or click here to read more posts by Judyann. [divider style=”hr-dotted”] If you feel that engaging with this deep level is your calling, then don’t miss the opportunity to join the new group that’s forming now. You can apply here to get started or get in touch with us directly by calling (514) 486-2716 or emailing [email protected]. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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What is Your Unique Contribution to the World?

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