Human Microcosm Webinar Replay & Special Offer of Ego Alchemy’s “Inner Knowing Process”

Thanks to everyone for attending our webinar on the Human Microcosm, you can see the replay via the video below. Enjoy! We will be taking it down on December 31st, so make sure you watch it before then.


2 Different Ways to Continue Your Journey

We’re so happy that you’ve begun this journey and have prepared everything you’ll need to take your next step. Whether it’s a small one by continuing to listen to Ego Alchemy’s 7-meditation series or you’re ready to make a giant leap and deciding to embark on a MICH professional program to be the catalyst for others. We’re here for you to ensure your success in a process that will liberate that greatest resource and put it to use in service to the greater whole that we’re all a part of.

Ego alchemy is more than a website or a meditation process.  It’s the start of a personal journey more wondrous and fulfilling than you’ve imagined can be made in your everyday life. If you want to continue this personal journey, we are offering an exclusive web offer to webinar participants only of our Inner Knowing Process. Find out more about this exclusive offer here »

MICH is a school of Natural Health Facilitating Holistic Consciousness and we offer a unique online program for anyone seeking a vocation that can help people through their personal journey. Find out more about our program here »

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