MICH Mission

The Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy is dedicated to innovating and teaching therapeutic approaches to:

•  Create a more conscious and healthier world by training practitioners who help others increase vitality, well-being and lessen unnecessary suffering.
•  Facilitate Holistic Consciousness and embrace the immaterial dimension of life.
•  Through Holism, respect and honour the wholeness of nature and the interconnectedness of life.

Guiding Principles

  • Address the whole person as a unique individual 
  • Consider the life force as a dynamic principle
  • Use only medicines that are completely safe, ecologically sound and do not exploit nature’s resources in any way
  • Communicate and inquire using Dialogue whenever possible
  • Stimulate the innate, natural healing response by focusing on the immaterial reality underlying material existence
  • Support adaptation by accepting evolution as essential to life
  • Embrace transpersonal, transdisciplinary, transcultural, and non-denominational principles

For a comprehensive view of the approach to health and holism that we hold at MICH, download the Guide to a Career in Holistic Health.

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