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MICH is a vehicle of holistic learning. Our program is a leading-edge exploration of health, healing and the human embodiment of awareness. This community is a place of heart and soul; a place for our smallness to be challenged and our greatness to be celebrated.

A holistic learning experience: Dialogue

At MICH, we use the dialogue method developed by quantum physicist David Bohm. This dialogue method has proven itself to be an effective way to ensure good communication and “activate” students, as well as develop collaboration and a wholistic model for inquiry. Dialogue facilitates coming to the image totality in case discussions. It is the basis of all communication at MICH.

More than a school, MICH is a community:

    • MICH fosters group collaboration in a non-competitive atmosphere
    • MICH encourages group work and group case taking so that synergistic relationships and personal resources are created for your future practice
    • MICH invites graduates to teach, supervise and case-share with new students
    • MICH graduates continue to be part of the MICH community through post-grad training and supervision
    • MICH is a member of numerous organizations and associations in the greater holistic healthcare community
    • MICH supports a broad range of health and research projects that create opportunities for our students and alumni

You’re not alone when you come to MICH!

At MICH, we respect, and encourage YOUR uniqueness

Everyone learns in a different way. At MICH, we have many ways of learning, so that you can find the way that works best for you. Practical, useful manuals, audio-visual multi-media, on-line quizzes, group interaction and discussion, hands-on practice… These are just a few of the learning tools available to MICH students.

Everyone has different strengths and abilities. MICH tailors our training to suit your needs, and encourage your strengths. You will discover your unique gifts, and hone your particular talents within the mentorship component of the program, via regular one on one meetings with your assigned Personal Noumedynamic Facilitator, or “PNF”.

The intimacy fostered in your diploma group facilitates questions, discussions and integration as well as providing personalized attention and consideration.

At MICH, we apply a formula for your success

  • MICH helps you build a solid practice by the time you graduate.
  • MICH provides student interns with new clients, under supervision, in our learning center. These clients can become the foundation of your new practice.
  • After graduation MICH continues referrals to student alumni.
  • MICH helps graduates continue to build a successful practice through post-grad support and ongoing training.

Personal experience

MICH Students are required to see a graduate homeopath on a regular basis in order to appreciate the role of the client, understand the action of remedies, and have the direct experience of case taking.

Why Homeopathy

It is easy to see why homeopathy, the best researched, most widely used, individualized and immaterial form of Western Medicine, is the key modality and method of intervention at MICH. Homeopathy has a long, well-documented scientific history, and a long list of masterful homeopaths, and we are proud to continue to serve this transmission of knowledge between generations.

In our endeavour to understand and effectively apply the insights of the successful masters of homeopathy, we discovered they shared an immaterial understanding of life, suffering and dis-ease that led to the development of such practical tools as the repertory, and the principles of direction of cure.

Central to their guiding philosophy was the concept of the cosmos as a single dynamic entity created through successive emanations from a unitary and infinitely vast source: a constant, unceasing influx that is both creation and the source of all power to act and exist. This view of infinite emanation is not unique to homeopaths; it is a feature of Neoplatonic thought, the European Hermetic tradition, and both the Jewish and Christian Kabbalah, and quantum physics. David Bohm called this cosmic movement the “holomovement”, which, although expressed through physical reality, exists in an “implicate order” that underlies the material world.

A corollary to this concept of the cosmos is the idea of “soul” as first described by Plato and Aristotle and subsequently by generations of philosophers as the spiritual organ, the receptive vessel, receiving life flowing in from the infinite creative force of the cosmos, and channelling it into the organism. This subtle level of the immaterial source of life is also the basis of unique expression in every individual.

Thus, Homeopathy is the perfect vehicle to address the dynamic movement of the vital force and its effects on all dimensions of well-being: physical, mental-emotional and spiritual, wholeness, happiness, meaningfulness, adaptability and vitality.

In order to utilize homeopathy to its fullest potential, it is necessary to see the individual and his or her disease as a totality. It is in this way that we can faithfully follow Hahnemann’s directive to find and address the “Totality of Symptoms” in every case, rather than prescribing on individual symptoms that are not connected. Our goal for each case is to find the core that connects the collection of symptoms as a complete whole. To do so, neither analysis nor synthesis are effective. This requires something beyond a mechanical gathering of information and problem solving methods. Each case requires insight, and the process of coming to this insight is unique for every case. Of course! What else could it be? The “essence” of each individual is unique, each individual requires a unique process, and each individual disease has a unique pathway to a return to health. It logically follows that the holistic diagnostic process and the perception required is also unique to every case. No protocols are allowed if we follow Hahnemann’s instructions!

It becomes clear when we examine follow-ups years later, how this quality of perception is central to successful homeopathic prescribing. The best results come from those cases where the totality was clear to everyone. In other words, the more complete and unanimous the understanding, the better the results.

This involves opening using the Bohm method of dialogue to explore wholeness in a way that is difficult for a single brain to do on its own. It is a means to higher levels of consciousness, which is also the natural direction of evolution! Thus, the human who engages in dialogue facilitates the evolutionary movement of the vital force for all of humanity.

In short, what both the Masters of homeopathy and MICH have realized is that a personal transformation is required on the part of the practitioner of an immaterial modality such as homeopathy.

The MICH Method™

Developed as a way to come to the Totality of Symptoms and to come to the core of a case that connects the collection of symptoms and the individual as a complete whole, the MICH Method™ is the principal method of case taking at MICH.

The MICH Method™ goes beyond analysis and synthesis, it provides a way to perceive the client from a holistic perspective and requires a way of perceiving that goes beyond the usual mechanical gathering of information and problem solving.  It respects the fact that each case requires insight, and supports the process of coming to this insight that is unique for every case.

All of our students use the MICH Method™ at the core of their case taking through experiencing nonjudgmental, encouraging ways and means of helping each other and ourselves to be more self aware and to get out of the way of the process throughout their training. They understand how easily the natural unfolding of a case can be seriously hampered by the homeopath and use group work and collaboration to see beyond what could be their limited point of view about the case.


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“By holding the space, guiding me and pushing my limits, MICH is enabling me to grow. It brings light to how being caught in my own belief system has led to disease. Awareness of unconscious reflexes is bringing wellness and lightness of being.”

Anne Landry, MBA, CFA

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