What does HOLISTIC medicine really mean? (An exercise in holistic health)

What does HOLISTIC medicine really mean? (An exercise in holistic health)

When you hear the word holistic, what comes to mind?

Meditation, yoga, herbology, natural or organic food? Body-mind? Body-mind-soul?

In your understanding does a holistic practice mean restoring your life to the way it was, or does it involve, something new, a change or evolution, a greater “wholeness” in your experience of life?

yoga, meditation, diet, naturopathy, EFT, tapping, reiki, homeopathy

Very few people know that it was Jan Christian Smuts who first coined the word “Holism” in 1920 to denote the force behind evolution. He called Holism the evolutionary force that is the source of the creation of new wholes – from the first atom to the most complex living organism. It is Holism that is the energetic force behind all of life and all of existence, so the source of all life and all things is “Holistic”,  and it is what all of our approaches give us an opportunity to connect with. 

Stepping into a new paradigm

Therefore truly Holistic medicine would involve not a piecemeal approach to body and mind as somehow separate entities, with separate challenges, and instead interact with the single source of life.

That is a tall order, because the source of life is not a material phenomenon. Holism exists on a subtle, invisible, and immaterial dimension.

It has been called the vital force, soul, “noumenal”, or organizational principle of the organism: the essence that distinguishes and animates, establishes and maintains the organism as one unique WHOLE.

A personal exercise in holistic health

Set aside 5 minutes of quiet time to reflect on your experience or understanding of healing. Recall a time in your life when you experienced a healing of yourself or witnessed it happening to another.  It doesn’t have to be a miraculous healing event, but it should be something that clearly illustrated a greater freedom in physical, mental or emotional health from what was experienced before.

• What would you say got suspended in order to allow that healing to happen?

• What belief got displaced or uprooted?

Now, consider what belief or attachment might be holding you back from your next step in your evolution and notice what is happening inside of your body.  What sensations arise and what are your mental or emotional experiences around that attachment?

Then, engage in an activity that supports you in leaning into that experience so that you can start to become aware of what it’s roots could be and how you can allow this pattern to be displaced or removed. Allow that to happen. 

Notice that this is not an exercise to ‘change’ your state, or otherwise distract yourself from it, but rather one that allows your experience to emerge.  By practicing what encourages this emergence, you can be sure that you’re on the most direct and individualized path to your whole health.

Our method is grounded in an exploration of successively deeper layers, exposing sensations and images that lie beyond the emotional or psychological levels usually explored in therapy. It’s more like a spiritual contemplation involving the discovery of a transpersonal, symbolic dimension that holds the constellation of the beliefs, ideas and concepts that form our perception of reality.

The MICH Noumedynamic Method enables us to explore what is going on in the body, in the mind, and in the emotions, and allow the complete pattern that runs through the individual’s life, the noumenal soul, to emerge.

How does it work?

Once that unique individualized pattern, permeating all areas and stages of the individual’s life, is allowed to emerge, it can then be matched to a similar pattern in nature, captured in a homeopathic remedy. The quantum level signal held by the remedy is transmitted to the intelligent, quantum organelles called the mitochondria, found in every cell. This new information allows the mitochondria, responsible for adaptation and evolution, to find ways to break out of stuck patterns and obstacles preventing the organism from functioning optimally and healing.

Chronic disease is a struggle with a stuck pattern; a struggle that expresses itself in symptoms.  Our method precisely identifies the pattern as well as the specific remedy that will address it. With the struggle over, the symptoms disappear. The result is a “spontaneous healing” that comes from the “inside” of the individual.

This type of healing is the most powerful, as demonstrated by the thousands of examples of dramatic faith healing, placebos, visualizations, EFT, tapping, Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy, shamanism, energy work, reiki, healing touch, or even, by a radical change in diet or lifestyle that has suspended or uprooted the stuck pattern just long enough for natural healing to occur. Obstacles forming part of the pattern, can be, by chance, displaced or suspended by something more powerful and engaging that allows spontaneous healing to occur.

Can anyone connect with holism? What about different approaches?

Yes! For example, a radical change in diet might just happen to eliminate a substance wrought with symbolic importance, a symbolism most likely unbeknownst to, or not known consciously by the person. When they cut that symbol out of their diet, they could be unknowingly, but effectively, uprooting an anchor of the whole pattern of disease that is preventing healing. However, our method doesn’t leave this to pure chance alone; it encourages our own consciousness to recognize and move through our patterns to uncover the root of disease.  What’s important is that the result is one of greater freedom of response in our lives and that our patterns can give way to greater ease and enjoyment of life.

Warm regards,

Judyann McNamara – ND, DHom, CCH

Over the last 25 years, we (the MICH team and myself) have developed a method of intervention we call Ego Alchemy based on an in-depth understanding of consciousness, and how it manifests in our bodies and our lives. Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher, Judyann has had a clinical practice in homeopathy and naturopathy for over 25 years. To find out more about becoming a fully accredited Homeopath and Naturopath at MICH visit this page.

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What does HOLISTIC medicine really mean? (An exercise in holistic health)

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