What Moves You: A Dialogue with Your Soul

What Moves You: A Dialogue with Your Soul

Solstice is the perfect time to quietly contemplate what makes life meaningful.

Take a few moments after doing the Winter Solstice Meditation to contemplate the question:

What “moves” you?

winter river at night. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
Winter river at night

Listening to a piece of music? Watching an Olympic champion? A dancer in a ballet? An act of kindness? Watching a puppy or kitten? Seeing your grandchild or child play? Use your memory to recapture that moment, and try to relive the experience of it.

What is it that is “moved”? What part of you? Feel into that for a moment. Feel what happens to your organism when you have these moments. Try to describe it. It is not the rational mind, it is not emotion, it is more like E-motion: energy in motion.

That which is moved in you is your soul: the vital, immaterial dynamic motor of your being. It is also what moves you, it is your essential movement. The soul is the essential movement that animates you, enlivens you and keeps your body in constant adaptation, evolution and life. It is intimately linked to your mitochondria, those quantum organelles of “Chi” found in every cell which cause you to breathe, and live.

Life is an incredible miracle that dances on the razor’s edge of the material and immaterial realities. Life is not just about material “stuff”, it is much more. A living organism is so much more than the physical matter of which it is made.

It is that “more” that defines our uniqueness, our lives and our health that the MICH homeopath is trained to listen for and explore. The exploration brings a rich dimension to our lives, and helps us discover who we really are.

What is beautiful about the MICH Model is that it brings together the most subtle and immaterial dynamics of your existence with the most material, physical expressions of your being.  The MICH method™ of practice makes understandable the natural laws that the disease and healing processes follow with respect to the dynamic structure of the human being.

Hahnemann used the adjective “dynamic” for health, for disease, as well as for the curative action of medicines. They are all “dynamic”: meaning they evolve, they change, and they are energetic. Therefore, in order to understand what needs to be addressed, the homeopath must obtain a dynamic and holistic understanding of the individual. Symptoms, rather than being described statically, locally, and isolated from the rest of the individual, must instead be understood “dynamically”: “What is it that fuels them, what maintains them, and what causes them to evolve?”

“Disease is nothing more than changes in the general state of the human economy, which declare themselves as symptoms.” In other words, disease is a modified mode of motion, a vibratory change.

If disease is indeed modified motion, then it makes sense that we should know the motion before it was modified. This brings us to the question of the movement of life, and in particular, the movement of the life force in the human being. What is it that “moves” the human being (literally and figuratively, emotionally, mentally and physically)?

It is challenging to capture the awe and the beauty in a few paragraphs of words. The MICH case taking experience is so much more than words can capture. Nonetheless, our MICH homeopaths try to capture the magic and mystery of human life in the stories we post about the people we help. I hope you take a few moments to savour these in the cases presented on our blog this month.

You can read about how one young woman went from being ready to quit school from feeling the stress of deadlines to no longer feeling any anxiety at work or school to a general and global sense of ease and self assuredness in our Spongia case.  For a remarkable account of how a young man overcame his learning challenges and avoided medication to modify his behavior, click here.

Happy Holidays,

Judyann McNamara – ND, DHom, CCH

Originally a physicist and biomedical researcher, Judyann has had a clinical practice for over 15 years, has held conferences since 1984 and has been a teacher of courses in physics, health sciences, homeopathy, holism and spirituality since 1975.  Visit her profile page in our professional directory to learn more

What Moves You: A Dialogue with Your Soul

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