Where Mystery meets Matter

Where Mystery meets Matter – Open House Workshop

Lights of the Soul 600x450In this workshop, we will be exploring the immaterial basis of the material world through visualizations, exercises, dialogue and the exploration of exciting new developments in research that are continuing to challenge our materialistic worldview.

Everything we do at MICH is truly holistic: involving and engaging all the dimensions of the human being.

The goal is to develop a view of reality that encompasses both the physical dimension and the immaterial reality that underlies it. The exercises in this workshop are specially designed to change your relationship with the physical dimension from being the ultimate basis of reality to a dimension within your conscious experience.

The transformational exercises in this workshop will help you develop a living relationship with the entire experience of life. Amoung the subjects that will be covered in this workshop are:

  • What has physics been trying to tell us about reality?
  • The dimensions of consciousness as described by BOTH physics and metaphysics and spirituality
  • How consciousness becomes the world we experience as material.
  • The exploration of “Being” and the relationship between being and doing.
  • How our physical body responds to consciousness and thoughts: current medical research revealing quantum cellular mechanisms and the role of light.

How is this workshop related to homeopathy, and why is it pertinent to homeopaths?

Although they are derived from material substances, homeopathic remedies contain no material substance. Homeopathy is an immaterial medicine that produces visible, measurable, material effects in living organisms. It is the only medicine that, by its nature, bridges the material and immaterial realms.

In order to be understood and used to its full capacity, homeopathy requires a non-material concept of reality and an acceptance that there is some dimension/order/or reality that underlies the material dimension.

For more information about the MICH Method, please read “The Art and Science of Homeopathic Case Taking at MICH”.

These workshops are open to everyone, so bring your friends and family members! Learn more and register here.

If you’re interested in training with us, this workshop is the best way to get to experience how we teach at MICH, as it is a sampling of the kind of training that can be expected in the experiential weekends of Module 1. MICH practices true education, from the original meaning of the word educare: “to draw out that which lies within”.  The explorations draw out the innate, inner resource of wisdom in every individual. They evoke higher dimension perspectives that allow physical and emotional fluidity within each individual.  They awaken creative potential and “quantum” possibilities in every human endeavor.

Module 1 is a requirement for all MICH trained homeopaths, but it is also being offered to non-homeopaths for the first time. To find out more, read about our experiential weekends module here.

To find out more about Judyann McNamara, MICH founder, who will be the key presenter for this workshop, read more about her here: https://www.michmontreal.com/welcome-to-mich/judyann/

Where Mystery meets Matter

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